Meet "Mel" the Royal Marine

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by watch_and_shoot, Dec 28, 2006.

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  1. Meet "Mel" the Royal Marine.


    This ultimate action figure comes with the following accessories.

    . twin detachable roll mats :wink:
    . A green lid
    . A BIG fckn shooter
    . Horizontal yomping action 8)

    It also has a push button voice system, with the classic phrases:

    . Have some of this you Taliban CNUT!!
    . NAKED BAR!!
    . Twice round my beautiful body, Standy by.......GO!!
    . It pays to be a winner!!

    Its a must have toy for kids (and Bootnecks) for 2007. :D

  2. Does it come with a change of ladies clothing for Saturday nights in GUZZ?
  3. Does a bear shit in the woods :wink:
  4. You have to purchase the brain separately also, as an added accessory.
  5. Now was there any need for that? Jealousy will get you nowhere!!! :evil:
  6. What about a chunky watch?
  7. Don't forget the chad civvy rig of jeans, desert wellies (with luminous laces) and noggy army shirt or helly hansen top.
    Anyway, I can tell this doll is a cheap copy cos it doesn't have the big growly Moostache
  8. And a can of Breaker cider should be sticking out of the top pocket as well along with a Gerber.
  9. Not always! Sorry to piss on your bonfire Royal, especially as you made me laugh so much this morning with the image of the man with a merkin on his chin, but here is a picture of some bear poo from my mum's garden.

  10. :D :D :D Haha

    Cheers for that Rosie! Here I am just about to try and chat you up and you send me a pile of shite!!

    Whatever turns you on I suppose!! 8O
  11. Well get your arse into Lil's then. It seems to have turned into Cascades aka The Royal Marine School of Dancing recently!
  12. We were so poor that I didn't get my first Christmas present until I was 8 years old.

    I can remember the excitement as I unwrapped the box and the disappointment when I found it completely empty.

    I looked at my dad with tears in my eyes and he said.............." Action Man Deserters Kit son.....enjoy"
  13. Oh........ lest we forget; what sort of woman has a photograph of a steaming pile of ursine excreta at hand in her picture album?????????


  14. Perhaps you would like to take that up with my mother?
  15. Love the eyebrows and the Steely Stare!!!!
  16. Roger that. Heading out for a run and then to the gym now, but if its still "happening" when I get back, Im there!!
  17. This is Roger!!

  18. Besides, you wouldn't wanted to have posted 'Roger the Marine' would you Spenny?
  19. I prefer my furry faced Action Matelot. :grin:

    The prob with Rodg is he wouldn't look out of place in an SS uniform either!

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