Meet "Mel" the Royal Marine

Meet "Mel" the Royal Marine.


This ultimate action figure comes with the following accessories.

. twin detachable roll mats :wink:
. A green lid
. A BIG fckn shooter
. Horizontal yomping action 8)

It also has a push button voice system, with the classic phrases:

. Have some of this you Taliban CNUT!!
. Twice round my beautiful body, Standy by.......GO!!
. It pays to be a winner!!

Its a must have toy for kids (and Bootnecks) for 2007. :D

Don't forget the chad civvy rig of jeans, desert wellies (with luminous laces) and noggy army shirt or helly hansen top.
Anyway, I can tell this doll is a cheap copy cos it doesn't have the big growly Moostache
spenny said:
Does a bear shit in the woods :wink:

Not always! Sorry to piss on your bonfire Royal, especially as you made me laugh so much this morning with the image of the man with a merkin on his chin, but here is a picture of some bear poo from my mum's garden.



We were so poor that I didn't get my first Christmas present until I was 8 years old.

I can remember the excitement as I unwrapped the box and the disappointment when I found it completely empty.

I looked at my dad with tears in my eyes and he said.............." Action Man Deserters Kit son.....enjoy"

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