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Meet Jonathan Strickland...14yr old pilot.

Well, as someone who didn't have such opportunities available to him as a kid, and who is now dual rated (I can fly fixed wing and rotary), I totally agree with Slim and the others; seems if you not a disadvantaged chap of African descent, your fecked.

I'd have loved the chance at 14, but being just another middle income white boy, yeah right.

Someone is making political gains out of that kid - damn sure he never set the wheels for all that in motion by himself.

Maybe I should have went out 'Phone Box smashing with my mates at 14? They had more fun than I did studying, thats for sure! And I never got the free paintballing and holiday.
The boy has done good, it seems at fourteen he has yet to get himself in the shit, now let's hope he doesn't get sucked into bad ways and waste it all. It's all very well teaching the kid those skills at 14 but if he is still living in a shit hole with bad types he is going to have a hard time making sure he doesn't go the wrong way. No one will hire him as a fourteen year old pilot, maybe the money would have been better spent enrolling him in some kind of college programme that takes him out of the danger zone.
I wouldn't want to be a kid growing up in amongst all that gang violence as the easy thing to do is just join.
Nice acheivement, but once again I don't like the records showing him as first african american this and that, blacks are so much more blatantly racist than whites, I can only imagine the uproar if little jonny white boy was put in the record book as the first white kid to do something.

Anyway, after the rant. Clever kid, good luck to him.

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