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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by SJRM_RN, Nov 21, 2012.

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  1. Good idea, if any of the media posts starts to take a life of its own one of those with the power can pull it out as a seperate thread?
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    ...concur with the previous. Also, multiple links to news stories about the same event/situation can be a little tiresome.
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  3. Gets my vote.
  4. Good plan.

    Like some other users I use "Last 50" as my main thread search.
  5. Me too. Like the idea. One place fits all for news.
  6. Oh great man of many words?^^
  7. Apologies for coming to this thread a little late in the day but Soleil has just pointed me here. My view is that you're more likely to miss a news item if it is buried in amongst a generic 'Navy News -2 Dec' thread. What you also may not have noticed is that we've cunningly set up the Last 50 page so it can have multiple pages (see ARRSE for example). Thus if there are plenty of new threads since you last visited you can have the pleasure of trawling through Last 50 Pages 2/3/4/etc

    I'd also say that the problem with one thread containing multiple news topics is that you run the risk of some very confusing conversations!

    I therefore vote for one news story = one thread!!

    P.S Obviously multiple reports on the same story should be added to that thread rather than spawning an army of them.
  8. I think that's a technical problem that I'll ask GCO to look at. In the meantime you can see how it should work by clicking on the 'New Posts' link -

    I hear what you are saying but would point out that ARRSE has this *problem* on a far bigger scale and the solution I've outlined above does the trick on there. I doubt you'll find many complaining. Can I just ask that once we get the technical bit cracked that you give it a go?
  9. hackle

    hackle Badgeman Moderator

    Have to admit I must be failing to understand the "one post" idea, because I don't really see how it could be an improvement. Would it be it one post per one day's news? Many news stories and their ensuing discussions run for several days or longer. There are other ways of getting a daily news summary if that is what you want.

    Agreed on sorting the "Sorry - no matches" technical problem in "Last 50".
  10. The technical issue is the same one we've had forever and that has been raised before a few times on both here and ARRSE.

    VBulletin counts up the individual replies over a given period, reports those as number of results in the Last 50 or any other search and calculates the pages accordingly (eg 100 replies = 2 pages at 50 posts per page).

    All fine, but the best way to view these is to use, as we do, the option to view by threads rather than every individual post, the only sensible way to do a Last 50 function.

    Unfortunately a long term bug with VBulletin is that is doesn't recalculate to take into account the fact that (eg) 5000 posts are in fact 10 threads if 500 posts per thread are valid search results, so you therefore get a mass of blank pages as you go onwards through the search results. The results are correct but the mass of blank pages is an annoyance.

    What I think this falls under is "irritants" rather than major issues. I have voted for the bug on the vbulletin support forum, meaning that I have voted to increase its priority, and there are plenty of other irritated VBulletin users out there who've done the same.

    I can alleviate the issue slightly by increasing the range of the Last 50 to say, 3 weeks, so that you get many pages of results before the problem above kicks in, and will look at this tomorrow.
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  11. OK, extended to 2 weeks / 5000 results (posts). That gives a good few pages to flick through before the blank pages kick in. I hope that's an improvement!
  12. I'm sorry but I simply don't believe that having less threads is a more effective way of keeping the site alive! I get your point that posts with only a link in aren't ideal though. Maybe the way is to include a synopsis of the story in the first post so that everyone knows what it is about. They can then decide to click and find out more and hopefully then come back to contribute.

    As an example I've edited one of Soleil's posts to do that:

    Can I also say that I think she does a fantastic job ensuring that Navy News from around the country/world/galaxy is brought to our attention and we should all be exceptionally grateful to her.

    Also worth noting that GCO has solved the problem of things being driven off the Last 50 by making it many, many pages longer.
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  13. Bet that's not the first time that has crossed your mind, something about re-inventing the wheel and lessons learnt comes to mind?:pirat: :glasses8:

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