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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by danoh, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. hey i'm 19 nearly 20. I was in Army basic training but camne out due to injury! i am now applying to join the navy and have my entrance exam on thursday! i am shitting it a bit, due to having not touched up on my maths! but the main problem is my mechanical comprehension is next to nil, if i fail that part do i fail whole exam? if so i'm fucked please reply
  2. TIT!
  3. no need for that is there prick? someone think they a big royal marine commando trying to be-little somebody and call them names??? lol what a cock you are
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  5. Irony is wasted on some people :roll:
  6. Perhaps you should re-read your initial post. Obviously you did not pay attention whilst in the army or you would have learned that Piss poor preparation leads to piss poor performance.
    The response Tit was deserved and in my opinion rather mild.
    Now who's fault is it that you have not done your preparation adequately? :roll:
  7. If you really are that worried phone the AFCO tomorrow and cancel you test and then re-book it when you have fully prepared for the test. You need to score marks in all parts of the test to get the minimum total scores for any job. The more academic biased the job the more you need to get in your total score. There is no minimum score for the mechanical section, but there is for the Maths section.

    If you fail the test you could be waiting 12 months before you are able to retake it.


  8. Apply for Steward, maths only used to count KnivesForksandSpoons after Mess Nights and mechanical comprehension? Can you turn on a kettle?
    AndyM a Bootneck :lol: :lol: :lol: keep 'em coming danoh laughter after all is the best medicine.

  9. Look Sunshine,you admitted your self that you had not carried out the correct preperation for your test and interview.If your maths is a bit crap and you know that your Mech comprehension isnt up to scratch yet you failed to take this into account!What do you expect?You arent going to have any special dispensations just because you failed to prepare yourself.I do NOT profess to be a Green Lidded Steely Eyed Killer ,but i do profess to be an Ex Matelot(ok neg Seatime) that has the basic CDF to ensure that i wa swell prepared.So wind your neck in dipstick and get a grip!

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  11. Well he did insinuate that i was an ex booty and he deserved a slap! :D :D :D
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  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Why do you need maths and mechanical knowledge to sweep up outside the bootnecks mess decks?

    Confused of kiwiland.

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  16. the question was if i failed my mech part, would that discount all of it! i know i should have prepared more, it's tomorro my exam. but how can i prepare for mech part of the exam??? you either understand that sort of thing or you don't??? and i personally can't get to grips with it! look didn't mean to offend anyone like, just wanted some reassurance i suppose. the army barb test was a piece of pis*. but the navy one seems a lot harder! i only want to join as seamanship specialist - not that technical is it? no offence to any one in the trade
  17. Good luck with the test. If you are unsuccessful at the RT you will be given the opportunity to re-sit it. The AFCO staff will explain the process. If this is the case see if you can find some capital letters and correct punctuation along the way.
  18. Most other Newbies seem to be able to prepare. If you read the postings you will find sites where exercises to improve these skills can be found. As for maths, if you know that you are weak then why not enroll at the local college of knowledge for a course?
    The question is does the navy want a person who is not prepared to do the background work required for entry?
  19. Danoh, if you fail the test then go away and brush up your weak points, then re-sit it when you are ready. It might not come to that, you may find that you were capable enough and pass it first time.

    Don't put yourself down, that's OUR job.

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