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This thread is running on the Quarterdeck if any of you think you might be interested in helping:

Hi there - I am one of the RAF guys shot down over Iraq during Gulf1 and held as a POW - I already know some of you from personal contact but if anyone is marginally interested in knowing more, my website is

Anyway, since leaving the crabs in 1997 I've been writing books (amongst other things). My last 3 books have all been WW2 oral history books, recording the experiences of the veterans and covering areas like POWs, Bomber Command and Evaders - more details on the "books" section of my website.

My new project is about medics, doctors, stretcher-bearers etc. and will primarily be looking at WW2 experiences - I am in contact with a lot of the veterans already via the RAMC other regimental associations

But I also want to bring the story up to date with some accounts of medics, surgeons etc. in recent conflicts in the Falklands, Iraq & Afghanistan.

I'm looking for people from each of these conflicts that can talk about their experiences and enlighten the reader about the reality life on the front line.

If anyone would like to contribute - any rank, gender or specialistaion - I'd love to hear from you. You can be serving or retired, and if you want to remain anonymous that's fine.

You can email me at bloodbrotherswar @ or send a PM via this website.

I look forward to hearing from you (and to receiving the inevitable banter).
John Nichol
Thanks Lamri - I enjoyed the talkSPORT gig and am standing in for James Whale this Thursday night

Now how about some of you guys coming forward to talk about your experiences - the Army lot are coming in droves and it would be a shame to not have some input from the Marine Corps.

Cheers to all who have PM'd me so far,


War Hero
Book Reviewer
I've got a RM-related injury...

...some EMF fecker on board put Swarfega on the handles of the ladder from 01 Deck - nearly broke my feckin' neck!! :violent1:


Lantern Swinger
i got blown up in may in afghanistan,got case vac'ed by chinnok ,have nthing but respect for the guys who looked after me ,doing a cracking job
Many thanks to all of you who PM'd me or emailed me at bloodbrotherswar

I've had some great replies and offers of help but would still like to hear from anyone involved as a medic/doctor etc. in The Falklands War or the ongoing conflicts in Iraq & Afghanistan.

best wishes to all,
John, it appears you are requesting information from " The Marine Corps"

FFS You should know better than to refer to The Royal Marines as the marine corps. No wonder no ones squawking. Any thing to do with that ivory tower you now sit in? Been making too much money stateside per chance? Forget where you came from? Let me remind you it was The Royal Airforce. Please refer to our sea soldiers by their correct title. " Her Majesty's Royal Marines" Thank you.



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Ooooooooh, I really I seem to be upsetting the MODS. Freedom of speech chaps, freedom of speech.
Crack on lofty you aren't upsetting me, but judging by your username & previous posts, you're a submariner, so why the need to advise someone on something you are not?

Much as we're all proud of the Royal Marines, it is somewhat ironic that you feel it necessary to correct someone who is ex-RAF with regard terminology.

Possibly posting on other Military Forums will give you the adrenalin rush you seek- the moderators on some will even correct your punctuation & grammar. Here, we tend to try & make people welcome, yourself included provided you play nice.
Ninja-Stoker. May I possibly make a suggestion? Why not leave the Careers Service and join the Intelligence Services? Your powers of deduction and investigation are second to none. In fact I hear both MI5 and MI6 are recruiting via their websites. However I would warn you that once employed by the Security Services they would expect a "fair days work for a fair days pay", and might view misuse of Government computer systems during the working day as a disciplinary matter.

You state that it is ironic I feel it necessary to correct an ex RAF type reference terminology. No irony was intended, I assure you that now John is a successful novelist, my comments were simply intended to help him and to ensure accuracy in his forthcoming publication.

I am eternally grateful that you have seen fit to make me so welcome with in your Rum Ration community. I must point out to you that I seek no adrenalin rush via any cyber activity. I actually get my kicks from indulging in practices you might deem to be unacceptable and of a deviant nature. I also consider myself to be fairly well versed in the application of the English language, and therefore any suggestion that my punctuation and grammar might require correction by a moderator of any forum website offends me somewhat.

I trust you will take my observations and suggestions to heart and I do sincerely look forward to engaging in further conversation with you in the future.

Yours Aye


Sgtpepperband- thank you so much for taking an interest in my conversation with Ninja-stoker. Am I Norman or am I not ? For me to know and for you to find out , your the fcuking Policeman!

Being an amateur sleuth myself, I do realise there are many ways for a person of your standing and position to acquire this information using both legal and non legal methods.

but as they say "thats life in a blue suit" :boogie:

Yours Aye

Fred aka Norman?


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I find it faintly repulsive that an idiot can try and deviate a worthwhile thread from a genuine ex serviceman into his own worthless rant.

Idiotdeeper, your a cnut.
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