Medication and joining the navy

Hi everyone.

Im new to this site and am in need of some advice toward joining the navy. Sorry if this has been covered before, i have checked about but cant seam to see it. Anyway here goes.

I am currently on a mild antidepressant called citalopram for anxiety and panic (not depression) due to a problem which landed me in hospital on my birthday in may this year. The problem was i took a dodgy pill (not the over the counter type) which messed about with my head a bit you could say. Since then i had panic attacks and anxiety which was being caused from the shock of everything, ie being told my heart could stop at any point. (i know not big and def not clever.) Lets just say the whole experience opened my eyes to a few things.

Since then i have lost 4 stone got myself fit enough to join, come off everything including drink, but am still on these little buggers even though i don't feel i need them anymore as i haven't had an attack for 2 months now but my doctor is continuing me on them.

Anyway sorry to go off on one. My question is how will this effect me getting in, as i have spoken to the careers office and they don't have a clue. They are just telling me to join up and will see when its time for a medical.

Me being me doesn't want to join if im just going to get knocked back and am in need of some advice.




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The medical examiner is the only person qualified to give a definitive answer, hence the reason you have been told correctly to see what the doctor advises.

In all cases the apllicant must be free from any form of medication & in the case of depression, it's usually a couple of years symptom free before being passed fit to enter.

The medical standards for entry guidance notes, (AFCO Form 5) state the following conditions maybe a bar to entry:

Psychiatric disorders

Ongoing psychiatric illness. Psychosis. Schizophrenia Obsessive-compulsive
disorder. Autism. Personality disorder. More than one episode of deliberate
self-harm of any type. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Alcohol, drug or
substance dependence. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) unless
free of symptoms and not requiring treatment for at least 3 years. Anorexia and

Best of luck.
I've been on Citalopram to prevent recurring chronic depression for some 4 years, and I'm quite normal! ;) Ask anyone on Rum Ration..... :D

The medication can cause drowsiness so whilst taking it you are advised not to operate machinery or partake in alcoholic pursuits. Operating a rifle might thus raise safety issues, but it depends upon what dose you are on and how it actually affects you. You need to raise it with your local AFCO and see what they say.
Nah, he's just some strange loser that needs to fu*k off and work in Mcdonalds.
Why is it we get so many retards posting on here, don't the nurses or wardens in these window licker wards monitor their use of the internet?


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So you took an illegal drug and it [email protected] you up, then you've been put on antidepressants and your heart 'could stop at any time'.

Hate to say it mate (that's a lie), but I think you've stitched yourself up a treat. Should've talked to Frank.


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danny said:
janner said:
Illicit drug users aren't that welcome either
Well they are as long as its all in the past. If i remember correctly it states that on the application forms.
I don't think last May, with problems caused by the said drug taking (I only did it once Officer :roll: ) will be classed as far enough in the past for recruiting purposes
Thanks to some of u for the sensible replies. I basically need to come off them asap then or else my application will def be declined as it states drug dependance which it kind of is. Ninja where did u get that info from??

I have spoken to the AFCO but they don't know either way.

As for the others Im sorry Im not as perfect as u guys. Maybe us sinners should be shot at dawn.... Im sure we have all done things other people don't take kindly too and as for as the drug taking, as i said it opened my eyes to it. Wether u believe me or not i don't really care. Im just being honest so i can get honest feedback.

Captain Obvious i was told that when i was rushed into hospital. I was on a heart monitor all night as i was in a seriously bad way. Why would i lie about it. Whats the point??

Anyway thanks again for the help.


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--BigSi-- said:
...where did u get that info from??
It's from the Application Guidance Notes (AFCO Form 5) which is usually given out with the Application Form
(AFCO Form 4).

AFCO staff are not allowed to give definitive medical advice. The young sailors & marines that work in AFCOs are not always qualified with regard the intricate elements of recruiting & are usually told to tell enquirers that medical issues are in the domain of the Medical Examiner, which indeed they are.
I meant that i was lying about the hate to say it part, I actually quite enjoyed it.

I've no doubt you were moments away from a cardiac arrest, sounds like you were, and still are in a bad way. Still, noone to blame but yourself, best man up and accept that you've probably done yourself out of a career in the forces.

Sucks to be you.


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I really cant see the problem, wouldn't everyone want some drug addled, pill popping fcukwit who is in danger of keeling over with a heart attack sharing their messdeck or being given a gun to play with?
I never said it wasn't my fault. I know full well it was but don't see why it would effect my chances of getting in even if it's not now but later. Why would u think I have fucked up my chances completely? If it wasn't for this episode or whatever u want to call it I would still be a 19 stone heffer with a completely dif outlook on life. If anything I think it's done me a favour. Made me realise what a d!ck I was being.
Lol. I'm not in danger of keeling over with a heart attack. It was the dodgy shit at the time. If was in danger of keeling over how come I've managed to get fit enough to pass a fitness test in such a short space of time?
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