Medicals at reliegh?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Scottycelticman, Apr 7, 2009.

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  1. Hey, was reading that there are medical check ups at raliegh... what do these involve?
  2. coughing

    bum fingering

    gag reflex
  3. alright, cheers mate. It's just that i had to get an inhaler for wheezing symptoms shortly after my medical, back to normal fitness tho. It's just, i don't want to ack my job to go to the navy, only to be booted out in my first week :p
  4. I'm pretty sure this is something you need to inform the AFCO about ASAP.
  5. Have you had an inhaler before Scotty?

    Why were you given one on this occasion?
  6. Yeah mate, used to have athsma but i was cleared by the doc as i was free for more than four years. But when my GP gave me the inhaler he said it was nothing seious so didn't think i would need to inform the AFCO
  7. talk to angry doc but im fairly sure you have to inform the afco, and it will more than likely hold things up.
  8. Oh Dear,not good.
  9. If you do not tell the AFCO and you are found to have lied during the application process the RN will throw you out on medical grounds. Normally the Raleigh medical will include a check on your breathing and they will be looking for any Asthma symptoms.

    Best to be honest now and perhaps you can get it sorted before your joining date.

    Best of luck


    :) :)
  10. i wouldnt worry about the Medical at Raleigh when i was there he just asked me questions and that was it...
  11. Did you have a Medical issue that nondisclosure of could lead to you being discharged and barred from reapplication? No?
    Then the Scotty should follow the advice of the Careers Officer above and not someone who will be unaffected if he is caught out by following your gash advice.
  12. Cheers guys, really appreciate it. Thing is, i don't know if i could stand waiting another four years, the place i come from is proper shit, rife with drugs/*********, need to get out :p

    I know i'm physicly as fit as the next guy, could probly sail the medical again, thing is (and im not gonna lie to them an say ive never had athsma) if they ask if ive ever had the athsmatic syptoms and i say yes but u guys cleared me, would they sent another thing off to my gp?
  13. fair enought
  14. so do they get a hold of ur medical records at raleigh?
  15. It doesn't really matter whether they check you medical records at Raleigh, or at some point after. The fact of the matter is you have two choices.

    A) Be honest with the AFCO and tell them about your inhaler. You have a chance to explain the situation and have your GP say that it was prescribed by mistake. Worst case - you have to wait 4 years to get in. Best case - you have to wait a couple of months to get in.

    B) Lie to the AFCO and at Raleigh. Best case - you get in straight away but get discharged for dishonesty at some point in your naval career. Worst case - get to Raleigh and get discharged for dishonesty straight away. In both cases you will likely never be able to apply to join the RN again.

    The choice is completely yours, but I know which one sounds better to me. It's a tough break, and I feel sorry for you, but life is full of tough breaks and getting through them in the best possible way is part of living.
  16. yeah man, ur right methinks. I think I'l fess up :p

    anyways, cheers to every1 for the advice :)
  17. hey, sorry to drag this thread back up but...

    When at the RNAC, i mentioned to one of the guys (a serving PO) about said problem, he told me nt to worry about it as the navy starts a brand new medical record for you and if it's not something thats going to hinder you, or affect your breathing in any way when the check you, i should be ok. He also said they don't re apply to my GP for my civillian medical records again. Thoughts?

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