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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bryan, Jan 30, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys and girls
    have my 2nd medical tommorow, have had a 2nd eyesight test and have passed everything so far so am just waiting,
    am going in as an AET and have been waiting about 17months so far..
    one of the girls i talk to who has recently got a date said that her AFCO told her that they werent giving out medicals etc unless that person was going to be getting a date for raleigh in the next 12months, does anyone know if this is true??
    I spoke to my AFCO not so long ago regarding dates ect but he emailed me back and said they dont know much about dates at the minute but that if i get back in touch in April they should know more.. anybody know anything??
    any knowledge on this would be appriciated.. thankyou :)
  2. Helloooo. I am in no position to say ''as your having you're medical again you will be getting a date soon'' but i can tell you what i was told in november, and that was even though i am due to have my second medical/eyetest and pjft in febuary 2011 i wont be sent on them as they will more than likely expire again before any date for me so leave it until late 2011. hope that helps, good luck though for tommorow and a possible date this year.
  3. cheers for the info, AFCO told me today that i shal have to do another PJFT in oct, but estimated date is oct 2012 unless people drop out! wonderful :( just have to keep the chin up and wait... thankyou
  4. At least you have the prospect of knowing you can get there. A projected date even if its miles away is better than not knowing whats going on. Stay positive and just grit your teeth :)
  5. best of luck

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