Medicals/AIB, all confused!

Hi all,

read up some of these threads, and some really helpful info has been gleaned

am currently working as Bosun on a superyacht out in central america, and am flying back at some point in summer for AIB, juggling dates is proving difficult as i can only leave the ship when the owner is not onboard.

the lady at AIB has been really helpful, and i dont want to bug her much more with stupid questions; hence perhaps you all can answer what this medical is:

You should be aware that whenever you attend the AIB, you need to contact your Liaison Office to arrange a date to have your medical either before or after the AIB.

I had thought the only medical was the one you had after passing AIB and you took it there and then at Sultan?? I have already had, and handed in the eyesight test form, and she says that

'As soon as I receive medical clearance to proceed with your application and you let me know the period you are available to attend the AIB, I will let you know the exact date of your Board'

Who is sending this medical clearance to her?

Obviously if there is another medical i need to plan this to fit into the week i can be back in the UK - flying back from Panama/wherever more than once is not an option obviously. I hold an ENG1 ticket (merchant seamans medical) and passed the medical fine for URNU a few years ago so do not anticipate any problems.

Thanks in advance lads - assume the lady won't mind me quoting her on here

p.s my liason officer left to go back to FAA the day i left to come out here, so i am liasonofficerless at the moment - although have emailed the AFCO to try and establish comms with the new guy/girl....


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There's a run you have to do, maybe that's what she means by medical? The run takes place at various locations around the country that you can find out about from the AFCO.

This could all be waffle mind you - all I know about it is what I have read on the internet so it's most likely incorrect. :dwarf:
Here is how I understand the current medicals to work for potential officers...

Aircrew Officer applicants - Upon success at the AIB, candidates stay on at Sultan a further day to have their medical.

All other Officer applicants - Upon success at the AIB, candidates will be invited to a medical on a later date at their AFCO.

I may be wrong but this is how it has been for me - Warfare (Submarines), passed AIB in Nov, confirmed for BRNC in April 09 - awaiting medical. Also the aircrew applicants at the AIB while I was there, as above.
cheers ben

bugger thats going to be a pain. guess i will just have to try and sort a medical for the same time that i am over there.

not passing AIB would be a right annoyance after 800+ on air fare and taking a week off work....!
Also, I dont know if you are aware of this but there are other stages to the Officer application process which you must attend, forgive me if you already have completed them...

Eye Test @ your local D&H
Psychometric Tests @ AFCO
Sift Interview @ AFCO
Complete and return many forms in between the various stages.

Then AIB/medical.
done all that, cheers

the process should have taken a lot less time but i wanted to go subs and my dual nationality was a problem and that slowed everything down while they made a decision, me being out of the country most of the time since uni end in may hasnt helped either

just need to try and make sure i can get the medical at the same time/day or two before/after as AIB
also are the boards generally mid-week, or weekend?

thanks chaps - sorry if i could have found this elsewhere, the owner of the boat is onboard and time is limited, can only run to computer every few mins on teh sly to check stuff


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Your Officer Careers Liaison Centre would normally allocate a replacement Area Careers Liaison Officer in the event your previous one has been re-appointed.

For prospective Officers, medicals are now conducted at an Armed Forces Careers Office (AFCO) rather than at AIB.

Under normal circumstances you should have sat the Recruiting Test, Sift Interview and Medical at your AFCO before attending AIB.

You complete an eyetest & medical questionnaire prior to attending AIB- that questionnaire is scrutinised by a Medical Examiner to give you provisional medical clearance to attend AIB, but it does not constitute a Medical Examination.

An URNU medical is invalid as it does not follow the stricter medical standards for entry.

It seems that as an overseas applicant your medical needs to be taken after your AIB. You should email your processing AFCO, link below, to arrange a mutually convenient medical appointment (before or after AIB), but either way, you need to successfully complete one before you may join the service.

(Edited for duff grammar. Innit)
NInja mate you are a star

all sorted then - have emailed the AFCO explaining matters, so should have a new ACLO assigned to me, will be able to sort that out with him

now all i have to do is find a week where we are in a country/city that i can fly back to UK from easily, and when captain will let me take leave to which i'm not really entitled, and make sure me buggering off then doesn't screw the rest of the crew with shitloads of extra work, and when there is a time for a medical, and an AIB. All of this without pissing the mob off before i attempt to get in. Quality!

The major problem is that the owner doesn't decide the dates that he is going to come onboard till a couple weeks before, as it depends on weather - he comes on to spearfish/freedive - but obviously need to tell the navy dates months before.


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No problem, you may know about this already, but just in case:

The RN website still reflects the current BRNC Entry Pattern however with effect from 23 April 2009, there will be entries of up to 140 Officers, 3 times per year. (Sept 09 & Jan 2010 being the next entry dates after 23 April)
mylespe said:
also are the boards generally mid-week, or weekend?
When I was there it ran as follows...

2 boards (group of 4) arrive Sunday and leave Tuesday
2 boards arrive Monday and leave Wednesday
2 boards arrive Tuesday and leave Thursday

All the aircrew applicants were in a board arriving Sunday, allowing for those who passed to do their medical on Wednesday.

All the other boards were a mix of other branches.
Ninja, suppose an RNR individual was doing a regular AIB and that they were in date for their PULHEEM - would this waive the necessity to go to the AFCO for a medical? Just out of interest really.


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As long as the RNR AIB candidate was currently serving in the RNR, without a break in service since initial medical and was between the ages of 18 and 30 when originally medically examined, the medical remains valid- unless it's for submariner or aircrew candidates.
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