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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Matt0710, Feb 18, 2014.

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  1. On the 14/02/14 I was termed medically unfit for duty as I have had asthma as a child. The doctor has specified that the reason I am medically unfit is because in the past I have had predisalone three times and said that the RN will only accept candidates who have had the steroid once in the past.
    In contrast, I have stuck to the guidelines for every other detail, my peak flow is 610 and I am 4 years clear of symptoms and medication and I have also answered No to the other questions which remain on the Medical form with regards to asthma.
    Therefore, since this problem is not rectified in the RN guidelines on health and also not on the medical sheet would I have a case for appealing against this decision?

  2. No. You can appeal against the fact you were prescribed a steroid 3 times (ie your med record is wrong), but not about the fact we don't accept people who have had it prescribed more than once.

  3. Also, to add to ATG's comment - the guidelines are not just RN, but Tri-Service. In fact the RN is the most lenient regarding Asthma / Wheezing Diathesis and the prescribing of oral steroids (Prednisilone). Sorry.

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