Medically unfit at discharge but no MBOS - what to do


I am a medic (Dr) and lawyer
I left the service 27 years ago
I was P7RD after the first gulf and arctic warfare
Injuries put me into Headley Court under the RAF.
RTU with pending medical discharge
Welfare at Yeovil convinced me I needed to take a compassionate discharge which after I agreed went through FONA the following day.

So I have a compassionate discharge and 27 years later get awarded a war pension.
No one knew how to change my discharge and after a lot of digging I found the answer

You have to lodge a service complaint
I was made P7RD and should have gone to MBOS (I used to be the MBOS Doctor at Drake)

RBL will not touch this as they have no experience and refer you to veterans service
You need to download JSP 831 sections 1-4 and flow chart in appendix show routes and what needs to be written
(Individual service grievance for serving and ex service personnel)

Be careful to include everything as you can not add anything at all once lodged

You have to write your grievance to your last commanding officer. You have 3 months from date of leaving
the time can be waived if your commanding officer says so - if he refuses the armed forces ombudsman can waive the time limit
The CONshould look at equitable reasons for waiving the time limit

You can then request your discharge be changed to medical - this would go to board and be addressed and changed. The pensions office in Glasgow will then review how much is owed - there is no time limit unlike the veterans service who only back date to the date of claim

Hope that helps
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