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Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by nathan2471, May 31, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Have served just over 14 years. Still an AB ( Officers dont like to be told when they are wrong. Seems to affect your write ups lol )

    Had an accident at Culdrose in Nov 2010. Fell off a rig whilst getting my flight deck helmet. Cracked my head open on a low beam, knocked myself out and fell about 5ft. Broke some ribs and damaged my lower back.

    Had plenty of rehab at headly court and steroid injections. Currently waiting for tribunal against the AFCS ( in court on 12th june ) as they said the accident was my fault as I was not wearing my flight deck helmet at the time of the accident ( I was retrieving it after it was placed on the rig, got caught in wires and dragged out of hand reach ). I have never been trained to use the rig, neither had the I/C. This is stated in the official ships investigation. The rig is classed as a hazardous piece if equipment. However there is no set guidelines about working with the rig. The official investigation shows that I was not at fault.

    I had a medical board on the 10th May 2012 and the board gave me a down grade for 12 months whilst i receive more steroid injections and further medical care. My MO stated on his report that he thinks I will be p2 within the 12 months.

    However today the employability board signal came out and I was medically discharged. Gutted and shocked is not the word.

    Now I am at a loss on what to do next, what happens next. I was just wondering if you guys have any clue on roughly how long from medical discharge notification to last day in the Mob. Who do I see?

    I know these are all questions for my DO but at the moment he is away. I just took the signal off my 2 ringer and walked out of his office stunned.

    Sorry for the autobiography.

    Thanks guys.
  2. The NSMEB is doing this more and more. Regarding timings, you should have been briefed before NSMBOS about it. It depends on how much leave you have outstanding and how much resettlement time. You need to speak to a resettlement team ASAP.
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  3. Thanks AngryDoc. I am off to the UPO and resettlement centre in the morning. Hopefully they will be able to give me some answers
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  5. KS

    Would you mind going to Edit Post and re-writing what you originally wrote, please?

    A gremlin is lurking on RR this evening making some posts appear blank and your one is blank to other Rum Rationers, I'm afraid. The trick seems to be rewriting the post in editing.
  6. Why don't you tell the Medical Officer that he/she was wrong? You appear to think that you are qualified, even if he/she doesn't like it.
  7. "Have served just over 14 years. Still an AB ( Officers dont like to be told when they are wrong. Seems to affect your write ups lol )"........I don't think the navy will miss you somehow or other. You have already burned some bridges. Sorry to hear about your accident, but it would appear that if they need a reason to get rid of you they have just found it.
  8. [FONT=Tahoma, Calibri, Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif]Hope you win your tribunal oppo!! You need good legal representation, at the hearing. Dont know how that works in the Andrew??? All the tribunals that I attended, in Civvy St had top Union briefs in attendance, also your potential , loss of earnings and pension, will be a big factor in your settlement, summary statement for the judge. Best of luck[/FONT]
  9. The if that was the case Drakey it would have been more financially beneficial to the Navy to make me redundant would it not? Or did you not think of that one? Not an officer by any chance are you? They tend to jump in on things without thinking
  10. No, not an officer, far too much common dog for that. You obviously don't like officers and that seems to be a big problem for you. Maybe it's cheaper to medically discharge you.
  11. not if he wins his tribunal oppo!!!
  12. Contact the British Legion they are able to take up your case and help if you need it, good luck it is not a quick process, but you need to be well prepared.

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