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Medically D worries.


Lantern Swinger
Hey guys, got me interview this week hope it goes well,which means ill have me medical soon after!

Got a slight problem though, i had been over running for the past couple of months way back doing 3 milers nearly every day. this lead to shin splints.

So i went to my GP and he said i have flat feet T___T!!! so he referred me to a Pediatrist (cant spell) which i havnt heard anything from yet.

Can i get Medically discharged when i go for my medical for having flat feet? wont they accept me in the Navy? im applying for the diver btw so fitness is top priority.

Any help or advice is much appreciated!

Many thanks Kyle.


When i had my medical the doc said something about making sure I wasn't flat footed, But am not 100% sure.


Flat feet are not necessarily a bar to entry - it depends how it affects you. Your sudden shin splints are due to increased exercise and wearing crap trainers - if you indeed have flat feet then you will have had them all your life and for them to suddenly cause problems now is unusual!

The podiatrist should fit you with insoles for your shoes but I'd recommend going to a proper sports shop and getting a suitable pair of trainers for running. Good luck with your application.


Lantern Swinger
Thanks ever so much Stirling!!!

i went today to upandrunning in manchester, i told them could they assess my running style, because i over pronate i think and i get shin splints in low leg.

So he got me on the treadmill and made me jog, he analysed my running and said it was perfect and it must be my trainers!

So i bought some saucony ride trainers, they feel great!

Thanks again stirling i wouldnt of known about that place, they was very helpful and was extremely up on running shoes and fitness!!



War Hero
The issue with shin splints, as stated by angrydoc, is that it's often a case of wearing trainers which are fashionable, but no good for running because the heel blocks are not adequately padded. Either because they never were or because they have compacted through regular use.

If you're running 3 miles per day, without rest days, you are also doing yourself no favours and should really be doing some non impact CV (swimming or cycling) on alternate days in-between the runs.

Good running shoes needn't be expensive either.


Hi, first time in here so be nice to me. :D

Just need some info on re-joining, i was in for 5 years and left in mar 2005 with help from my dr who said i was suffering PDS and put this on my med docs. My question is any dr or anyone who say if this will stop me re-joining.

Any advice please
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