I wondering if anyone can help I had my medical a few weeks ago and I come back with high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat so the doctor sent me away telling me I needed some tests and none of these where major problems I was ment to get a letter explaining what tests I needed but haven't reciveded anything so I phoned my navy career advicer and he told me he can't do anything and to ring the place where my medical was conducted so I did and they told me I gets sent to the recruitment team and they send if off to me and my gp so I rung my careers advicer up again and he told me that's bullshit they send it off themselfs so now I'm stuck cause my gp won't do any tests cause he thinks I don't need them so I just don't know what to do.


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The contracted Medical Examiner usually verbally advises the applicant to go to their GP and request 24 hour BP monitoring & an ECG, in cases such as this.

The letter, if sent, usually goes direct to your GP - it can take a few weeks for your GP to receive the letter.

In the event your GP advises you they have still not received a letter after about 4 weeks and your GP is not prepared to arrange BP monitoring & an ECG without the letter - contact your careers adviser, request he/she contacts Capita to request a duplicate letter is sent to your GP.
  • Applicants are not supposed to contact either the contracted company or the medical examiner direct.
so if no letter has been sent can I get it done privately or has it got to be my GP

Then how do I get a medical appointment agian do I just ring my careers advicer and ask him to book it agian for me
I had a similar situation to yourself at my first medical. As Ninja advises, I was verbally told of the tests I needed to have done. Capita said they would send the form that was filled out in front of me, to my GP, however he also gave me a copy of the 1 page of the form stating the tests that I needed, so that I could go straight to my GP and get the ball rolling. Which I did. I explained to my GP that I was applying to the Navy, this issue was picked up, they would like it investigated before I can proceed with my application. GP totally understood and began arranging things.

I think you just need to explain that it's the Navy that want these tests done, you're not requesting them for the sake of it, and you can't progress you're application until you've had these tests. As you have no paperwork to show your GP, if I were you I'd take my letter inviting me to the Navy Medical, to prove to your GP that you're in the application process, and say that the letter explaining the outcome of your medical and the tests needed, is on its way.

Just my advice anyway

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I have been to my GP and tryed to explain it to him that I need these tests for a Royal Navy application and he didn't but an eye lid just said no thats why I was wondering about the letter but if it takes up to 4 weeks I still got a week to wait

Thanks for your help


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