I passed my medical at my local afco months ago but at the time I had to have a few readings done of my blood pressure for the doc to say it was accetable.
I know you have another medical once you get to Raleigh and I was wondering if this problem may flag up again and therefore stop me participating in my training there.
My bp can fluctuate between 120/70 up to 139/80 depending on where and when I'm taking a reading.
Does anyone know what is deemed acceptable and for me to be fine for Raleigh.
Thanks in advance.
Hi angry doc thought I'd post on here instead of starting a new thread, I sometimes suffer with hay fever over the summer period. Nothing to bad just the odd sneeze and itchy eye every now and then. I'm not prescribed any medication for it I usually just buy tablets over the counter if I'm having a bad day. Are you allowed to take hay fever tablets in to Raleigh just in case? Also this didn't come up in my medical as it's not on my records. Thanks
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