I have my medical in a couple of months. I have heard the doc goes off B.M.I. If that's the case it puts me overweight. I am a fit and healthy guy, rather bulky and probably just carrying a bit too much timber. Obviously I will do everything to lose what I can before the medical, I was just wondering how strictly does the doc follow the BMI or is there leeway and a degree of common sense involved?
Your BMI is your BMI ... and I guess you have already worked out that the rules show you to be outside the limit. The rules are the rules so if you are outside the limits then you ain't going to pass ... there is no leeway.

It is also worth remembering that given the numbers of potential recruits then the RN (employer) can afford to be picky thus it don't make any difference if you are fit and healthly just a bit chunky - the rules give the limits ... therefore in order to compete with the rest of the great unwashed you need to get your BMI down because there are plenty others out there to choose from. Simples!
I agree with what you're saying. My problem is I worked out that to reach BMI I have to be something like 11 and a bit stone. I am 20 now. But 2 years ago at the peak of my physical fitness (played semi-pro football, sprinter etc.) I still was something like just over 12 stone? How does that work?


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Again one of those particularly grey areas, moved to Health & Fitness for a qualified response.

By the book, max BMI is around 25, with discretion up to about 28 depending on waist measurement, age, gender, mothers maiden name, favourite colour, etc.
Haha I am certainly not 20 stone!
My point is, you said that BMI is set in stone and that if you're over you fail the medical. I am 20 now and 13 stone, so I'm over and accept my BMI is too high and I know how to lose the weight, no issues. However, 2 years ago at 18 I was just over 12 stone and in a state of complete physical fitness, not an ounce of fat on me. Yet, I remember measuring my BMI at the time and at 5 ft 8, I was still over weight, but anyone could see that was not the case. So if the weight thing is wholly based on BMI you're saying I have to not only lose the extra weight I put on, but lose extra muscle weight as well? Just seems odd.
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