Hi guys

I just want to know a few bits of info about the medical

I recently filled out the medical questionnaire and it includes a question about child guideline...when I was 13 I did seek two sessions of counselling due to anxiety, I found it very helpful and after a month or so i was okay :)

I'm just wondering if this would be a problem when attending the medical?

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Counselling for anxiety in a 13 year old? That takes medicalising normal life to another level!

In honesty, more info will be required. You have a history of anxiety requiring an intervention. There's no way of knowing whether it was really needed or not, but we have to assume it was and that, therefore, you are susceptible to further attacks of anxiety. How will you react in an emergency situation?

Declare everything you know about it on the form, and get copies of records from your GP to bring to your medical. You may well face a delay pending clarification of issues.

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Okay and yeah it sounds young the reason it started was because my father neglected me and left me at that age. Obviously I'm over that now and to be honest I couldn't give a monkeys about him now

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The horrible thing is I can't do anything about this!!! It's not going to change!

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