I got a letter 2 weeks ago for my medical on May 2. That was like 2 weeks after my Interview.
Just varies on the demand of people needed for the role you applied for i think.


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hahaha you no what I meant. I just gave them a ring, there going over to the computerised system so it has taken a bit longer and it should be tomorrow when hear from them. He said it should be at the end of the month so that's good.
I know the AFCO I'm applying through has 50 or so people needing a medical booking so I had to give availability over the next 3-4 months to help them speed up the process. Apparently every AFCO has a lot waiting, just in case anybody else out there is wondering what's taking so long :)

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How long does it take them to ring you for a date for the medical ? its been 4 weeks and just wondering :sad:

Thanks Chris Cobban
Took me a couple of weeks to get the date for my medical, I'm guessing that it's taking a bit longer for you due to the amount of other applicants. Hope you hear from your AFCO soon mate :thumbup:

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