Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by lowey81, Aug 22, 2010.

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  1. hey all just a quick one im thinking of joining but i have injured my knee playing rugby i am waiting to have an MRI scan if i have torn my ACL am i no longer eligable to gain entry cheers
  2. Depends on what the MRI shows.
  3. Not entirely related to the original question, but fits into the thread titile...

    Can anyone advise about flexibility and the medical? I can't quite touch my toes without bending knees, not far from it, but about an inch off or so...I am working on it by doing hamstring stretches etc, but can anyone advise if this will be an issue for the RN medical?

  4. Lose the beergut. :)
  5. Haha, if I had one I would. :?
  6. Another thing to stretch is your back, on hands and knees, arch up your back and hold for a few seconds, worked for me anyway
  7. Aye, cheers.
  8. I can't touch my toes (never have been able to) but the doc didn't even comment so you should be fine mate.
  9. That's good then - glad I ain't the only one!
  10. Likewise mate, doc actually told me not to over stretch. I've never been able to touch mine either :)
  11. Yay! Passed my medical! :D
  12. well done Kagg, how far have you got with your application an what are you going in as?
  13. Do you really have to take your clothes off for your medical?

    Will sexy underwear sway the doc if my medical is pap ? :lol:
  14. As long as the doc as a thing for females then it could work!
  15. You will be required to post phots on here before hand for prior approval :wink:
  16. hmmmm :idea:

  17. Oh I'm sure!

    Can you not just do my medical, Doctor 8)
  18. Just let me find those rubber gloves
  19. You can borrow mine :)
  20. And I've got some medical spatulas to lift your gunt up with.

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