Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by campbellton, Jul 10, 2010.

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  1. i have my medical coming up soon and i'd just really like to know what to expect as everything i've read/been told so far is very vague.
    my only worry is my history of eczema, although it has pretty much all cleared up now with insignificant dry patches on the insides of my arms, i have read some thing about how even this could fail me.
    aside from that i have no health issues i know of and i am fairly healthy.
    i have only experimented with cannabis and nothing else but i am not a frequent user and never was.
    any help would be appreciated, thanks
  2. Hopefully you haven't smoked any cannabis in the last five years (you have to do a piss test). Basically you get weighed and measured then you get your hearing tested. The doctor will also look at your body for tatoos and defects (missing arms etc). He will ask you questions about your medical history and then he will tell you if you passed or not. It's been a while since I did one so there may be some bits missing but thats the jist of it.
  3. is the eczema an issue?
  4. I wouldn't know, angrydoc or Ninjastoker will answer that when they next come onto the forum. Alternatively ring the afco on monday and ask your careers advisor.
  5. right my medical is due to go past the 12 months marker in sep will i get a letter before it runs out to come in for a new one or will they get in touch with me after it runs out?
  6. it says there "chronic eczema" and mine is basically clear
  7. I've asked AngryDoc to take a look at your question when he next logs-in, campbellton.
  8. Im pritty sure that piss test is not a drug test as they test it infront of you. I think its for something different. Like medical reasons. They then ditch the sample infront of your eyes. Or they did me. This was over 4 years ago mind.
  9. My bold I just assumed the technology had changed, as the last piss test I did prior to that was ten years ago when they sent it away.
  10. Well i knew that as well lol
  11. But use of cannabis five years prior to joining is not a bar to entry, so what would be the point?
  12. That depends how old you are as to how long your medical is valid for.
  13. am 25 mate?
  14. Hey Cam,

    I had my medical about a week ago, and like you I was wondering what happened when I got there but could only find vague bits and bobs. Here's what I experienced.

    Got to the med centre, they gave me a specimen jar and told me where to wait, I was then called in for a hearing test then I was sent to another room where the doc asked me about my medical history, then I got down to my undies and had my blood pressure checked, then height and weight, then she took note of my tattoos. checked my ears and checked my colour vision, checked my mouth, made me touch my toes, checked my reflexes, checked my lungs and heart then checked for hernias which involves jabbing you in the gut and then yes, getting your nuts out which they take hold of and ask you to cough ;) and that was that.

    Funny thing was while I was laying there starkers she said she felt awkward because her stomach was rumbling.

    anyways hope you enjoyed my story

    take it easy
  15. Eczema can cause problems. Basically, eczema usually gets worse when it is exposed to irritants. There are loads of irritants on a warship - oils, greases, etc. As a general rule, if it has affected your hands then it is very much not in your interests to be in the RN - your hands will fall apart as soon as you go to sea and you'll be out. If your eczema is very sensitive - ie it flares up quite a lot - then, again, prospects look bad. If you have had to attend hospital outpatient or inpatient appointments, your disease is likely to have been relatively severe. If, as you say, there are some minor patches on the upper arm then you may be ok but without seeing the eczema it is difficult to say.

    Chronic means longterm by the way - nothing to do with severity. Common misconception.

    Re urine test - if you are worried about drugs then stop taking them. The test will remain positive for a while (not sure exactly how long, but it varies for different drugs), but it will only begin to come negative when you stop taking.

    If you are honest then you have nothing to fear.

    RN Medical Officer
  16. Then I believe you should be ok. I was 25 when I had my mdeical and was told it was valid until I'm 30. I think it only needs to be re-done after 12 months if you are under 18, I could be wrong, but pretty sure i'm not, i think there is a post on it in the newbies section if you have a look.
  17. im fairly sure cannibis shows up in a drugs test up untill around 70 days of taking it...and a lot of class a drugs only stay in your system for a couple of days...only know this because we had to do a piss test at work a few weeks ago and the tester was telling us....she knew too much about urine and drugs.. bet though mate....stop taking it!!

    good luck with your medical

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