Hi all :)

I've recently applied to join the Navy as an AET, passed my RT on Thursday and have been filling out my forms and such.

While reading the Medical Questionnaire I came accross a section of instant medical refusals, of course I knew such conditions as Asthma were an instant fauil but something caught my eye.

Keratoconus. I've been wearing glasses for a few years, to my knowledge I have Keratoconus, but it has been under control and shouldn't affect my service any more than long/short sighted vision.

I have my eye test on Wednesday so should find out a little more information then. Does anyone have any advice for me? Has anyone had a similar situation and if so, what happened?

Go easy, I'm a newbie :)



Keratoconus is on the list of problematic conditions but, to be honest, eyes are not my forté and I'm not the person to talk to regarding the reason for this. See what your optician says and crack on with your application - otherwise you'll always ask yourself "what if...".

Good luck.
Hey :)

Thanks for the replies, had my eye test earlier & the optician said as far as the condition goes it's close to non-existant. However, my eyes JUST exceed the +xx boundries but my application will continue as normal :)
Isn't keratonconus one of those conditions that has no cure? In other words, over time, the condition worsens?

I imagine if there is a problem, the doctor/optician/optometrist will soon appraise you of the facts.
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