Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by PERCY09, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. What exactly do they check during the medical?

    obviously weight & height etc but what else? do they check knees & ankles etc????

    Will they have my personal medical files from my GP to hand at the time??
  2. Percy - either you are stupid or you are considering deliberately misleading the RN.

    From your previous posts, I gather you have had ankle surgery involving metalwork. That means scars. Yes, we will notice them and require further information from your GP.

    If you are willing to lie before you even get in, it doesn't say much for your character. You are therefore not the type of person the RN needs.

    Even if you did manage to slip past, the scars would be noted at RALEIGH and you would be thrown out - you would not be able to appeal this or re-apply at any stage.

    So don't be a ******** - accept what you have done in the past and get on with it.
  3. I have no intention of trying to mislead anyone. I am simply trying to understand the process. I think that if previous injuries can prevent me from entry then it is bollocks as my ankles are stronger than they ever were & there is no restriction in my mobility.

  4. You can't be serious.
  5. Within reason mate. The first time I broke my ankle & had the plate fitted I asked the specialist if that would weaken my ankle his words were "Your ankle will be stronger than it ever was before". I have lost little or none of the mobility in either ankle therefore I dont understand how they can refuse me entry on that basis. I am as fit as anyone else in my opinion.

    Obviously this will differ for other people but Im merely talking about myself personally
  6. Hello percyboy,Remember me, :wink: hows the wife and kid doing, 8)i told you you were ferked but you wouldnt believe me,

    Ps,ive heard they need burger flippers down an Mac donalds :D
  7. Angrydoc..I often wondered why you chose that name, obvious now really. P'raps you should change it to "Patience of a Saint" along with Ninja and Supermario
  8. I have a trade oh & a degree in Quantity Surveying so I dont need to flip burgers. I just fancy doing something different. I can only try
  9. Wrecker, if you're that desperate for a few sticky plasters or a first aid kit I'll send you some :D (Do agree with your thoughts though)
  10. Percy09

    I was just wondering whether you had already been in to an AFCO to see the CAs.
  11. Hi mate. Yeah I have been to the AFCO. I asked about it but he said he had no personal experiance therefore could give any examples but it was completely down to the doctor during the medical examination.

    I have also emailed countless other AFCO's up & down the country with the same query & only 1 told me there was no chance, the rest all said it will depend upon the severity of the 'injuries' & whether they have given me trouble etc. A couple also said that the metalwork would have to be removed then I could apply after 12 months. Many of them said they had asked doctors about this before replying to me so there seems to be some mixed feelings regarding this.

    Im gonna apply anyway & see what happens. Apparently it is a local GP they use for the medicals therefore it is doubtfull that he has military experiance himself.

    *EDIT* I was also told that entry was based on merits of all the entry criteria i.e. interview etc. They also said it would depend upon the job I was applying to do
  12. yes but i have no intention of trying to slip through the net. Surely if a doc passes me as fit then Raleigh must give me the opportunity? I belive I am fit enough to complete the training so I cant see a problem
  13. What did your local CA advise you to do?
  14. To apply ASAP & not to worry. but of course it is down to the doc....... to be honest I know my chances are slim but I can only hope for the best :roll:
  15. Your point?????
  16. not really. Your about as clued up on this as I am therefore you cannot give a definative answer. As previously said it is down to the doc & there is mixed feeling on the matter so we shall just have to wait & see & of course hope for the best
  17. Only in Quantity Surveying :wink: ,i have a degree ( taken in Norway) in Civil Engineering,i specialised in Tunnel fabrication,but apart from that i am thick as two short planks, :D
  18. im a joiner to trade but then carried on with a HND in Construction then onto the QS degree. I considered Civils but changed my mind.

    i fecking hate this 9-5 shit thats why i want to join up
  19. Percy09

    It seems to me that you will only find peace of mind with regard to this by submitting a formal application and getting a response in black and white. If the CAs in your local AFCO have agreed to accept an application from you, having been told that there is a serious medical issue at hand, you should complete the application form and submit it. It might be worthwhile asking for an appointment with the Office Manager, for a discussion as to how he/she wants to proceed on this one.

    I urge you to get this form in either today or Monday and not to prevaricate any longer. The reason for this is that the AFCOs traditionally experience a reduced footfall in the first few weeks of August; this changes dramatically when the GCSE results come out. Please don't wait until the AFCO is really really busy later in the month to turn up with your form.
  20. I understand & agree 100%. I just find it strange that I have been told several different things

    Anyway chhers all for the advice :wink:

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