Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by werqpr, Apr 9, 2009.

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  1. Hi all, I passed my medical in Jan and wont be going in till Sep, question is I recived a letter today saying I have to go to the hospital in July and have an ECO do I need to inform the AFCO of go to the appointment get the results and if theres anything wrong then tell??

    reasson I've got to see the cardiolagest is because i failed the first medical because the Dr said she heard a murmur!!! and when i went back for the second I was passed (and my own GP said I was a picture of health) but its taken this long for an appointment it looks very very likely that I dont need???? god bless the NHS waiting times!!
  2. I can't answer your question but hopefully you can answer one of mine - how long did you have to wait to be given a date for your medical? I know waiting times vary, but I've been hanging around for what seems like an eternity and I can't get anywhere with the local AFCO.
  3. Have you rung and asked when your medical is?
  4. The waiting times for medical differs form AFCO to AFCO, However, most are very busy at the moment and I have heard of waiting times in excess for 4/5 weeks to get your medical. That said they should at least be able to give you a date.


  5. super mario, could you please shed some light on my question for me at all please.
  6. If you have been passed fit by the AFCO Medical Examiner, you should now be classified fit to join.

    If you have any doubt about your medical condition then getting a second opinion may the best thing for you in the future. But if they do turn up something, it could then bar you from entry.

    Difficult for me to call, but you must do what is right for you at the end of the day.

    Best of luck

    if in doubt you should really have a chat with your careers advisor (after the Easter break)


  7. Thanks supermario, I think I'll go along to the appointment and if anything turns up that could be a bar to entry I'd infor my AFCO straight away, and if nothing comes of it (as predicted) I have nothing to worry about anyways.

    thanks again, WERQPR
  8. Afternoon, I have my medical at INM in a few days for Aircraft Controller, and Im getting ready for it. Reading through my letters etc. It says that I will have to take "a simple exercise test of aerobic fitness", yet on my list for what I need, it doesnt say I need a fitness kit. Does anyone know what this means? also can anyone tell me what its like, how long it takes etc, thanks
  9. not sure but Aerobic fitness would suggest you have to be able to stretch a certain amount?
  10. Oh right, as it says i should wear appropiate underwear as I will have to touch my toes, so is that what that fitness thing is?
  11. i did it in my boxers mate :lol:
  12. Thanks guys, how long does it last? and what exactly goes on?
  13. as far as i can remember all he made me do was jog on the spot, do a couple of press ups, just to get you're breathing and heart rate up
  14. and the medical was about 30/40 mins long, went into alot of you're medical history
  15. I got my medical date the same day I passed the RT, scheduled for the next week (8 days since RT visit). The local AFCO was fairly busy though I imagine each locale needs to verify their own schedules with those of the listed GPs/Dr's available at any given time so I'd assume a slow plod can be reasonable?
  16. Whilst touching your toes I was required to have the doctor cup my ball's, he then got his heart rate up but he didn't last long and it was all over without too much blleding and I was passed fit to join the Navy.
  17. hey, quick question, when u get ur dental checks at raleigh, say u need a tooth out (i think i do, it's not sore or that, just a bit decayed) do u get the option to have it done under sleeping gas? cause i can take pain... when it's not in my mouth, i'm a total pussy when it comes to dental work
  18. Top Tip.

    Go to the Dentist before you join you tight barstard.
  19. No you fanny, you don't get the option to be knocked out. A month ago I had a wisdom tooth out courtesy of the pusser, took a good chunk of my jawbone with it but I didn't feel a thing. Not because I'm 'well hard' but because believe it or not, anasthetics actually work. Of course, it hurt like buggery for about a week afterwards, but that's neither here or there.

    That said, if you can wait, do so, having a tooth out with a private dentist can cost hundreds, the RN will do it for nothing.
  20. cheers man, aye, I got a tooth out a few years back under anesthetic but it still hurt like ****, the worst pain i think i've ever had, so thats why in the future i think i would much prefer laughing gas. And, hig, as this guy pointed out, going to a private dentist can cost a bomb when the rn can do it for nowt, so i think our definition of "top tip" differs greatly, so, U know... Top tip = engage your brain

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