Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bench, May 31, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m at the start of what I know is a very long and time consuming process to join the Navy as a Warfare Officer, however before I start i want to know whether realistically its going to happen!

    A few years ago I was diagnosed by a specialist as having 'psychogenic non epileptic behaviours of a non psychopathological nature'. As a result of treatment, and growing up I suppose I haven't suffered any attacks for a number or years now. However what i really want to know is does anybody know of anybody else who has tried successfully or unsuccessfully to join the Navy or any of the other services in similar circumstances before I potentially waste my time trying to get a career which is unrealistic and unachievable.

    The navy is something I want to do very much but do not want to get to hopeful and besotted (if that’s the right word!) only to get heart broken (again if that’s the right word!) at the last minute.

    Thanks for any responses in advance, no matter how vague they might be!
  2. hi bench welcome to RR :thumbright:

    Probably the best people to ask here concerning medical info are angrydoc or andym they will probably be along shortly

    Good luck by the way
  3. Well,it all depends on a few things.You say a "few years",how many years ago?Are you still being treated for the aforesaid ailment or has that stopped?If it has,how long ago?Keep persuing your career untill you are told by someone that thats the end.if you dont try you wont sucede will you?All the best.
  4. I spent some time in hospital (majority of which was diognostics) in November 2005, the episodes then fizzled out quite quickly, and have been able to live a normal and active life style ever since. I have not undergone any treatment since 2005.
  5. Sounds that it was a passing episode which has been resolved.But be sure to disclose ALL the details or you can get booted out if they find out later on!All the best.
  6. thanks for the help, really appreciated
  7. No probs,angrydoc is a lot more up to date with matters medical than me so im sure he will be able to add anything if needed.
  8. Given the pretty unique nature of this condition, I've PM'd bench. I know this forum runs on the spirit of openness so everyone can see the answers but if anyone needs further information PM me.

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