Hi everyone

Basically i have a question which i'm hoping wont have an effect in the long run!

When i was about 8 i had an ear operation for an imperated ear drum, and i had to go see doctors every 6 months till i was 14. Although its all clear now and its been four years since it all happened.

I swim on a daily basis, run on a regular basis and pritty much fit as a fiddle.

Now even though this was 4 years ago, and my ears are fine now which they gave me the clear they are fine.

Could this potentially put me in an difficult position or would it be ok?

Any help be appreciated thanks!


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Perforated or imperforate?

Assuming it's the former, then apparently as long as it isn't "current" then you maybe OK for certain branches, but possibly not all. (Submarine trades & Diver may be an issue). If it's the latter condition, it means your ear doesn't work at all & that will most likely present a problem.

Again, a boring answer but the Medical Officer is the only one able to give a definitive answer as the medical standards for entry differ from those currently serving, especially in this area.
Thanks for your reply, yes not sure which one it is! (omg i know i should!)
Damn so annoying that really, i was looking at going in as a diver or the engineering aircraft. Although looked towards the diver a tad more, that has disapointed me abit now! lol doh
Well my ears are completely healed and everything now, which is why i dont need to go hosptial any longer!

Bit gutted tbh! :( i'll have to see if i get through to medical =(
Sucks really considering i swam for lancashire and everything but a little thing like that makes all the shitty difference!! omgz lol

/rant over!! hehe


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Beware taking my advice as gospel in the medical areas, you have absolutely nothing to lose by making an application.

It may well be the Medical Officer says "No Problemo", so don't give up before you start!


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They are very thorough with medicals, and Ninja is right, only they will know.

I had a heart murmour when i was born, which healed after 6 months, and it meant i had to have a heart echo and a more in depth ECG.

Don't change your application before you even know if it will effect the outcome, just go for it and hope for the best, oh and don't try lying about it!


In the words of Dr House "all patients lie - the only variable is what they lie about". ;)

Need to know what the problem actually was before giving a spot of advice (which I'd PM to you anyway) - did you burst your eardrum or did the surgeons need to guddle about a bit inside? To be honest your GP should know and I'd recommend attaching a photocopy of said information with your medical form to save time. If it's anything a bit wierd then you will probably be referred to an RN ENT surgeon (prob in Portsmouth).

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