Hello Everyone,

I have sent my application of for the reserves. I wondered if anyone has had their medical recently?. I had some back problems around 15 years ago and wondered if this may be brought up if I get to my medical?


Lantern Swinger
As long as everything is ok now it shouldn't hamper you. although how long you'll take to get a medical and who will do it is another question.

The medical branch is having a big shake up at the moment and even us already in are finding it near on impossible to get medicals even with a naval base sick bay on our doorstep.

Good luck though as the waiting is well worth it.
The AFCOs have their own ciccie doctors so you should not be affected by the changes in the RNR medical branch.

Good luck with your application. And Itsamuppet, the last course I needed a sign off for, I got my GP to do it and claimed the bill back on JPA.
Thanks for the replies guys. I have my induction day hopefully this Saturday.
Another quick question. The fitness test to get in, is it just the 2.4km run that you need to complete or do they have something else up their sleve ???.
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