Hi All,

I've passed my medical questionnaire and answered to the best of my ability however I think I should of obtained my medical records before hand as I'm now starting to worry ive missed something? I rarely go to the doctors, the last time being 3 or 4 years ago and have never suffered any major illnesses or broken any bones. I'm just now wondering whether to contact my AFCO with my concerns or should i wait for my face to face medical? I am going to get a copy of my medical records anyway. I have my entry dates for June. Im not sure whether I'm over thinking but I want to be 100% certain!
Thanks wrecker, everyone keeps telling me that but keep reading that you can be discharged but I suppose that would be for major illnesses and ongoing medical issues which I have neither on.
Medically I'm perfectly sound tbh I'm probably being to honest. Think I'll give my doctors a bell in morning. When you go to the medical we get to sit through the medical records together dont we?
Haha! It just seems odd and thorough. I just dont want to be sat there and the doc is questioning an appointment I had over 6 years ago that I had no idea about. I deffo think ill have a look at my medical notes and anything I feel I need to declare query it back to Capita!

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