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hello, I have passed my over the phone medical and I was given an medical appointment time to go for 20th June at 10:30 in Bristol. After I told my mum the good news, she said she has booked a holiday for Rome and flying on the same day at 1:30 from Cardiff and was keeping it a surprise for me so I didn't know about it when I arranged the date for the medical appointment. I was just wondering how long the medical would take and if I could do both in the same day or if I should re arrange. Thanks.
It took me about an hour for the whole medical, though i did have to wait an hour to be seen as they were running behind.
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Mine literally took 20 minutes. I couldn't believe how short it was. I was expecting to be in there over an hour and for them to check my body thoroughly.

But I'd still re-arrange if I were you. It's far too close to your flight team.

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