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I have just passed the RT and am waiting for an interview date. Having looked through all joining conditions I have realized its possible that i may not pass the medical. I experienced depression two years ago (which got pretty bad but i don't want to go into details). I have not been on medication or been depressed since so i was wondering whether there is any leeway or whether its an instant fail. If not, what kind of doctors notes should i take with me? I assume they want more than 'so and so had depression but now they don't'. Thanks in advance.


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Obviously definitive advice can only be given by a qualified medical examiner, but the evidence you need to produce upfront will require a copy of the medical notes, dates, symptoms, number of occurrences, treatment dates, type of treatment and timespan clear of further issues.

You should be able to get a rough idea of the entry standards in the following publication, courtesy of the Army version of this site. The table on pages 4L-9 and 4L-10 will hopefully give an overview:


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I'm looking to join up as an officer and am wondering something similar. I didn't want to start a new thread since one has been posted so recently. I know there have been a fair few of these threads about and I appreciate that the older members are probably sick of them, so I apologise. The information in most of them does seem contradictory, however.

I was wondering if the 12 week maximum medication limit still stands, or if it was an official policy in the first place. I've been researching and I've seen varying accounts, from people who have been outright denied entry, to people who have been declared permanently unfit and then appealed, to people who have passed.

I'm 26, and I was on anti-depressants for a year, up until just over a year ago. I was initially on a low dosage, then had it upped because it wasn't 'working', then switched to a different medication before stopping all together of my own accord. I never really received an official diagnosis, although anxiety was mentioned at the beginning. In all honesty I think being on them was an extended overreaction to a very temporary issue.

Is the 12 week rule set in stone, and if so can someone appeal it? Would it be worth having a chat with my GP and attempting to get a letter so that everyone's on the same page or could I be I wasting my time and money by starting the applications process?


Thank you. I really appreciate the advice you've been giving here and on other parts of the forum.

Edit: I received a reply very quickly. The chap says that you need to be free of treatment and/or medication for two years prior to applying. That means it'll be at least next summer before I can get started. I'll be 27. Getting on a bit.
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