Medical Worry..


I’m currently in the process of filling out my medical information, but I’m haunted by a particular matter that I wouldn’t mind some information on.

Never in my life have I ever suffered asthma, neither have I ever been diagnosed with it. However, I have had one freak episode where I had a bronchospasm. I have no idea how it was induced, but I do know it definitely wasn’t excercise.

That episode had passed and nothing followed with it, I’ve never had it again neither have I had any signs or symptoms of it re-occurring.

As there’s vague information on a particular episode like this, I was wondering if anybody else had anything like this? Or maybe even know how this may effect my application?



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If the medical notes reflect the issue was a one-off, attributed to an upper respiratory tract infection or similar, not asthma, then you should be OK.

If the triage nurse states it's a no-go, as long as your GP produces the written evidence in support of your statement & there's no prior history of inhaler prescriptions for asthma, you have a strong case to appeal.
Thank you for your help stoker!
It definitely wasn’t asthma, in fact I’m certain the reasons were due to hayfever which has never been a serious allergen until potentially that episode!

I’ll find out in due time, but im so keen to join up and serve the country. I hope this case doesn’t prevent it!

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