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I'm new to this forum and I was wondering if anyone could give me some helpful advice. I'm about to join the navy as an AET and my start date for Raleigh is the 17th of January 2016. I'm excited but I've got one worry I've got a few verrucas, 3 on one foot and one on the other. I had these when I went for my medical and nothing was said about them. But now getting closer to actually going to Raleigh and knowing that you have to complete another medical when you get there I'm starting to get quite concerned. Does anyone know if they'll be a problem?

Thanks in advance
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I'm currently using salactol wart paint and they're slowly getting smaller but I don't think they will be gone before I go, if they aren't gone will they be a big issue ?
Well the reason I asked is that in every document about medical eligibility it does not mention anything about verrucas, it wasn't part of the medical form you had to fill in prior to the medical and it wasn't picked up as an issue in my medical and the medical examiner even touched one of them. So it would be odd if it wasn't an issue up till now and verrucas and warts aren't mentioned in any medical eligibility documents. I was just wondering if someone could give me a difinitive answer to if its going to be an issue, because I'm understandably really concerned about
Verrucas won't make you fail the medical, getting filled in by your messmates after you've spread them around will make you fail it.

Do as Dappers says and get to the chemists, you can be shot of them by the time you join up, and why haven't you got them sorted if you knew you had them at the medical?

I had one many moons ago and the doc burnt it out with a contraption like a soldering iron, didn't hurt and was done in minutes, have you seen your GP?
It's generally not policy for GPs or chiropodists to remove non problematic warts or verrucas, providing patients are otherwise healthy on the nhs. Because they will pretty much always self resolve on their own eventually, and removing is now considered to be too much harm to benefit & cost. Try explaining that one to hysterical (mostly middle class) mums.

You could probably get them removed privately but there is no guarantee they'll actually go away for good.

Similar in thay NHS funds are no longer used for mole etc. removal on a purely cosmetic basis

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