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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by marzipan101, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. Hi All, I have my medical on Friday and I have one concern. I am slightly overweight for my height, my bmi is sitting at about 25.5 I think, is this a problem? I'm not overly fat and I do consider myself to be quite fit. I know muscle weighs more than fat so I figured thats why my BMI is quite high.

    Obviously since its only 5 days away I cant do much to change my body but any advice or guidance as to how my weight will be looked upon during the medical?
  2. Marzipan

    You should be OK at 25.5.
  3. Have you seen that Simpsons episode where Homer's put on a treadmill just because it's hypnotic watching him jiggle about? It will be something like that.

    I jest.

    Sorry, I don't actually know. I'm technically classed as overweight for my height etc but I was fine. Heh, over the years I've actually lost a lot of weight (about 6 stone) and when I got down to me undercrackers and sat on the table the doctor looked at me, pointed at my chest and said "What the hell is that?". It was a 'crease'. He thought it was a scar, commenting that "It looks like you've been majorly opened up recently".

    Moral of the story, don't sweat it, unless you are majorly overweight then you should have nothing to worry about and if that was the case I don't think they would have put you forward for a medical until you had reached the right weight. I'm not certain though. Someone else should be able to give you a better idea.
  4. The doctor who did my medical talked about a BMI range of 18 to 25 for my age group - I'm 21. He said that anyone under that range had an increased chance of skeletal injuries in training whereas those over had an increased chance of muscular injuries (or maybe it was the other way around? I can't remember) - I only just passed and he didn't appear willing to provide any lee way. So, I don't know. I think you'll probably be alright on the proviso that you keep trying to lose weight between the medical and (potentially) Raleigh. I wish you all the best.
  5. Instead of asking questions on internet forums why not fit a phuqin padlock to your fridge and keep yer dibs out of the biscuit tin. :twisted:
  6. Wouldn't worry about it, I'm 6ft and weigh 14st which gives me a BMI of about 27 and nothing was said about it at my medical!
  7. Two bottles of wine the day before a weigh in usually makes you nice and de-hydrated(and nothing else). failing that get a hoody on and do some skipping. you should do fine but waiting three months for another medical as i had to will suck.
  8. I passed with a BMI of 28.1! The doc said that because my wasit size was below 94cm it was fine, so 25.5 is certainly not a problem. Good luck!

  9. I wouldnt sweat it... I passed my medical on the second attempt at 16 stone 6lbs... I was carrying a bit of Christmas baggage. The Quack told me, I needed ideally to be 15stone, then proceeded to tell me to forget that as I was "massive" and there was "no way on gods green earth" I'd ever be 15 stone.

    Best of luck... let us know how it goes! :)
  10. Suppose it depends on the Dr you see for the medical. I remember the GP who conducted the medicals for the Oxford RN careers, he was a strict guy, 1lbs over the ideal weight and he'd send you packing until you lost it.

    In my last week at Raleigh, during basic, I saw some right heffers, an easy 3 stone over the advised weight 8O

    I wouldn't sweat it, if you're only a few lbs over,

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