Medical weight limits ?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Wilsons102, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. Hey all new to the fourms passed my RT and my interview got my medical on tuesday and was looking around at some info on the Medical and saw a post about somone who needed to gain weight to pass ? i was wondering what the lower weight limit is to join as i am quite light.

    Thanks in advance
  2. I think there is only a weight limit for RM at 60kgs, I might be corrected though...
  3. Your BMI needs to be in the "normal" range, or so they say.
  4. If you're underweight, cut the top of your head off then
  5. Haha ! i think last time i had my BMI done there was these boxes and green was normal i was on the last green before underweight but ive gotten taller and havnt gained any weight at all. I think im about 60kg tbh :|
  6. Wilsons

    How tall are you?
  7. Surely they don't use BMI? It's a pretty useless way to tell if someone is under/over-weight.
  8. Im about 5"8 i checked on that BMI link and i check out okay so i think ill be fine
  9. You should be fine, but the Dr will give you a final decision. But I wouldn't worry.


  10. I am 6ft3 and 16st with a bmi of 28, that puts me in the overweight category. Will this mean that I fail or the medical or will they look at muscle tone? I row to a very high standard and losing weight will mean that my rowing will suffer badly. Thanks.
  11. Most of our Dr's use the BMI as the main guide, but yes they will take in to account general fitness to a certan level. At the end of the day the AFCO medical examiners do get the final say on weight.

  12. I'm 6ft4 and just over 16st with BMI of 28 (req 27) but because I have a waste under 37inches (94cm) I got passed... I'm a rugby player so guess I'm in a similar boat to you. I would have thought as you're a little shorter you'd need a waste around 36inches but obviously the doc will let you know. In summary, the doc didn't look at muscle (or conversely fat) but took waste measurement instead. I'd have thought that's fairly tried and tested.
  13. Good to hear, just measured my waist and its 35" so it hopefully won't be a problem.
  14. Forgot to mention... The Doc said this was ok and I'm cleared but the liaison officer who I handed my report into wasn't impressed and entered a 15 minute discussion as to how I should develop my running to drop a stone! Just a word of warning!

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