Medical Waiting Times...


Hi all, a very good evening to you.

So I recently completed my peak flow diary which I did for 30 days(Ended 15th December) I posted it back to Capita the very next day. I also had a letter from my doctors to say they would be sending my medical records off to Capita today 22nd December. Realistically how long will I be waiting for my face to face medical? I'm going in for AET if it makes any difference at all?


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Firstly, the peak flow diary is no longer used as a gauge of medical suitability. Assuming your GP has actually despatched the required information and not just the invoice for payment in advance, assuming you get past the initial screening, a medical appointment should be booked in about four to six working weeks, on average. Bear in mind nothing wll be occuring next week.

Best of luck - remember your PJFT is immediately after the medical, so step up your training and get a good number of treadmill runs under your belt.