Medical Triage


Please I'm a Commonwealth applicant and I'm almost at the Medical triage point in my application and I'd humbly want to know whether I'll be informed by mail with the day I should be expecting my call? I'm asking this because I'm in school at the moment and don't go to class with my phone as it is against our rules to receive calls in class.
In a nutshell I'd humbly want to know what will happen if I miss a call from the Nurse prior to my Medical triage? Will they call me back again? Or a different time will be given to me?


You should receive an email with a date and time slot. If you cannot make the time slot given to you, you can just ask for a different one/specify one, however it will delay your application, so try make yourself available for the one assigned to you. Otherwise just remember they are sometimes a bit late calling, so just leave an hour or two free for your call


Hello guys,

I’m a commonwealth citizen applying from my country, I have just received my medical questionnaire and optician report and boot schem invoice.

Please can anyone explain to me if there is anything in the form like triage diagram form because I can’t find it there ?

My questions is: am I going to have my optician eye test done here in my country myself or will I have to wait until I get to the Uk,

secondly am I to do any medical test here or I only need to answer the medical questionnaire to the best of my knowledge,

lastly is my opticians the one to fill the boots optician scheme form.

Thanks all