Medical triage

In 3 days time I will be getting call from the nurse for my medical triage. What exact questions do they ask?? I want to be self prepared
They just read the forms you filled out and make sure it's all correct etc
Its really easy and the nurses are nice (mine was anyway)
Just be honest and don't worry about it
thanks max, I got call today from the nurse, for my medical triage.And I passed. So What’s next after this?
That's great!
And good question... I'm at this stage and have been for some time...
Supposedly have my date for interview/tests on the 22 (I'm overseas)
But I haven't heard from them in a long time and apparently the overseas manager is moving office and that's the reason for the delay.
But as I am overseas I am dealing with the overseas desk over email, I'm not sure what the steps for you will be...
Will probably be quicker but no clue..
I am overseas too.
O okay..
In that case wait for an email from the overseas manager saying "I am ready to bring you to the UK are there any specific dates you have planned" something along those lines.
(I just said as soon as possible and he gave me 3 dates to choose from)
And then it's just a waiting game... But as he has not replied yet I'm assuming they are still moving office.
I rang my AFCO and that's what I was told, and if i haven't heard from them I was to call my AFCO back on Monday.
What role have you applied for if you don't mind me asking?
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