Medical tomorrow (some advice over surgery please)

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by U534_2009, Jul 28, 2009.

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  1. Hello everyone,
    im new to the forum, anyway i'll get to the point:

    I was involved in a car crash in 2004, i broke my left leg (mid thigh),my left arm (upper arm) and a fracture to my left shoulder blade, I had to have a metal plate inserted in my left arm and a nail and plate in my left leg, they didnt operate on my shoulder blade,

    I go the gym daily, I can weight lift and I have completed my PJFT (mock test) at 10:45, i still need to get this down though.

    I dont have any pains with my leg or arm but i was wondering would this bar me due to surgery i have had etc. if anyone can give me any advice i would appreciate it.

    thank you
  2. You'll find out tomorrow, Be optomistic it was five years ago. You state that it doesn't give you any problems, don't be too worried and get anxious which will send your blood pressure up. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Best of luck.
  3. i have had pins in my elbow after a bike accident an i passed no bother
  4. matbea, any luck finding a job out there mate?

    Post edited to reflect mattbea's deleted post.
  5. Mattbea's post has been deleted.

    Mattbea - you know why. Stop pissing about and being stupid.

    MOD, H&F
  6. I had my medical yesterday, the doc checked my arm and leg and said everything looks o.k there doesnt seem to be any problems but he needs to get my medical records from my gp and i might have to see a specialist, is this bad? and how long do you think this will put my application back for? :roll:
  7. It's put mine back by 4 months so far.
  8. Stay away from compasses and magnets!!!
  9. haha i'll keep away i promise, i think my application will probably get put back near enough the same then, i just hope i get accepted
  10. To be fair, 2 of those months they had staff shortages, and the last 2 I've had to wear boots.
  11. Any news on this????
  12. no not yet, i might have to get referred to a naval physiotherapist down south, its been just over a month now so hopefully i should here back soon

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