Medical timeline


Hi all,

I sent my medical forms of this week and passed my eye test recently too. Just curious on what order things happen next...

Do capita request my GP records before the triage call or is this done before I go for a face to face medical? Anyone have any recent experiences of going through this stage and know how long everything took to process?

Thanks :)
I had my call 4 weeks ago. No date as of yet for when the 1 on 1 medical is. It is requested as a priory due to the role being fast tracked but it must be due to the COVID backlog


I'm in this position too! I am awaiting the results of the paper review which is today, after being made TMU from a trip to minor injuries two years ago after a car accident- all fine and hoping this is going to be an easy clearance. Thankfully my GP's were quite good and after ringing them weekly and sending them the forms (capita never seemed to send them to the surgery) I got confirmation that they'd been sent off. I've been waiting for the review for a few weeks, seems there's a huge backlog!