Medical Test-Can someone please help?

My left foot pronates, so therefore i have to wear custom made insoles. I'm a bit worried that this will prevent me from passing the medical test. Is this considered an auto bar? Or despite the fact this does not hold me back, will I pass ok? Please help, I have another year to wait and the suspense is killing me.



I suspect you will have problems.

In general terms, you should not need any custom-made corrective footwear before you join. You don't have problems at the mo because you use insoles.

How long have you used them for? Were they placed a while ago and you think you could now cope without them? Often they are not required longterm. Were they given on prescription of a foot and ankle surgeon or GP or on the advice of a chiropodist?
No i dont need corrective footwear, just insoles to stop the pronation of my foot. It is a permanent condition, so without the insoles problems start. My fitness is fine, im just thinking the Navy will see it as a problem because my insoles have to be replaced yearly. Does the Navy have orthotics? Oh and it was through my GP. Thanks for replying.


If your condition is permanent and subject to custom-made orthotics then I don't think you will pass the medical I'm afraid. As an aside, no matter how good your fitness is, the rigours of military training may well make your condition a lot worse - insoles or not.

Sorry I can't be more positive.

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