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A family member of mine has expressed an interest in becoming a scab-lifter, but I was just wondering if Medical Technicians still exist, as that would be by far the better medical option. I joined up with som PMT's in '98, but have to admit I have yet to meet one in the fleet. Looking at the current copy of BR1066, the branch is still listed as current, but I can't see anything on the recruiting website.

Anyone know if they've died along with all other tiffs?


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Most of them transferred to the Army where similarly qualified graduates were already (correctly) Commissioned Officers as Biomedical Scientists & Clinical Physiologists. (Not to be confused with Combat medical Technicians, who are the equivalent of Navy Medical Assistants.)

We no longer recruit them, although we do recruit Nursing Officers, Student Nurses, qualified Nurses & Medical Assistants


Not as simple as applying as an Officer. You cannot enter directly as a Medical Services Officer (MSO) unless he is a drain sniffer (environmental health) and even then I think that is pretty limited.

What do you mean by medical technician? It is a strange term with lots of potential meanings. Do you mean lab assistant (in which case the Army would be the way forward, usually other rank)? There are Naval lab assistants, but Ninja has already stated the RN is not recruiting them at the mo.

Medical Officer entry requires a medical degree (ie a bachelor or doctor of medicine).


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Yep, they used to be physiotherapists, haematologists ("It maybe pooh to you, but it's bread & butter to me"), Radiologists and suchlike.

They are no longer recruited.
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