Medical standards different between TSM and SSM?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by MattC123, Oct 28, 2012.

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  1. Hello everyone, new member to this forum!
    I have been in the application process for a year now, and already had my medical ( passed ).
    I am currently applying for SSM.
    My question is, do SSM ratings require better hearing than TSM ratings?
    Im asking this questions, as i was told at my medical that i passed the hearing test by a very small margin.

    And like most potential recruits, i don't want to get all the way to HMS Raleigh, and get discharged the second day in, for failing the hearing test ( as i believe its more in depth ).

    The reason i have asked for the comparison of the two jobs ( TSM & SSM ), is that i'm also interested in TSM, and if it doesnt require as high requirements for hearing, then i should consider the change.

    I have used the search bar, but have not come across any useful information upon this matter.

    Many thanks for you help.
  2. Im sure that one of the resident CA's or AngryDoc will be around to help soon mate.

    Im applying for TSM by the way mate.
  3. SSM and TSM both require H1:H1, the highest (best) hearing category.
  4. Ohh ok, one final question, is it a straight up discharge if you dont meet the H1:H1 hearing standards? Thanks
  5. If you don't meet the standard then I'd imagine you would be advised so at AFCO level. Other branches are possible though. I'd wait for the wisdom of an Careers Advisor.
  6. Hi mate, I failed my hearing test, got a letter to say thanks, bye and good luck in civvy street. It got a bit more complicated after that though when I appealed, but that was the basics of it.
  7. Was that at HMS Raleigh? Because I have already passed the medical at my afco...
  8. No, I failed mine at the first medical. If you've got through that, then the one at Raleigh should be ok, as you're not doing a hearing test on the high street of a busy town centre...

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