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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bowcon, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. hi all,

    had my medical yesterday and although i was quitely confident i didnt pass as fit. this was due to my back pain/traped nerve, in which the doc said i had to be clear of for 6 months, i was gutted to say the least.
    i also didnt do well with my BMI which was 32.3 and just outside to new critia for medical pass. o well ive now got 6 months to get the wieght off and sort the back probs out and i was told by the AFCO this wont set me back as far as enlistment as the wait for SEA/SPEC is ten months. so if i pass fit in 6 months i shouldnt have to long a wait. i was gutted as i was looking forward to the RNAC on 7th july but hey the navy needs fit personnel. so heres to my next medical. :thumright:

  2. Hi bowcon, sorry to hear about your medical, but look at it this way, they're giving you a chance to sort it out instead of just sending you away permanently unfit... and also it's great that the AFCO arn't setting you back in your place on the waiting lists... stay positive and 6 months will fly by!
    just wondering, what is the new criteria for BMI medical pass? I always thought it was 25?

  3. Now, now Bowcon... as Sophie has said, at least you have another chance. When I was medically rejected for the submarine service I was gutted. I've never fully recovered... :cya:
  4. Ihink the BMI has to be below 30 and not less than 19

  5. Sorry to hear about your medical, I'm still waiting to hear back from mine because of suffering from mild Eczema. I'm just thinking of the extra time as an opportunity to get more fit. Just remember to stay positive and motivated. It will be worth it in the end...well thats what I keep telling myself! :)
  6. hey tx all for the suportive posts.

    as far as the new critia reguarding the bmi, the doc said that they didnt used to be so strict. also the max he said was 32 on the dot. but ur waist circumfence has to be a certain lenth depending on ur height. i was also over this, although i had an arguement with the nurse as when she measured my waist i thought it was rather high, like simon cowle(i think thats how u spell his name.) high

    anywa as i and all u have said ive got six months to get it down.


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