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I received an email from Capita unfortunately deeming me PMU due to having small fibroids. During the entire medical process doctors have told me because they are small and not attached to uterus they are not serious and can possibly disappear on their own, and it shouldn't hinder me in joining. Please is it hopeless to appeal this? Or is this just the end of the line? Thanks


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The following is just my informal observation and doesn't constitute an official opinion, but I thought that it might help you.

Fibroids are mentioned in the Joint Service Manual of Medical Fitness also known as JSP 950.

The document says:

"Uterine and ovarian tumours. Candidates with symptomatic fibroids, other uterine tumours or ovarian tumours are normally graded P8. However, asymptomatic small fibroids, ovarian cysts and recurrent follicular cysts are common. These are unlikely to affect full operational fitness. Candidates with incidentally discovered asymptomatic benign tumours in which the uterus is not enlarged or causing encroachment on the uterine cavity may be graded P2. "

This is the document I am referring to. Click on this link and then type in Reproductive Pre-Entry where it says Find on Page at the top.

I think that you need to be advised by the Royal Navy Careers Advisors at the AFCO you have been to. - they may need to refer to SMO(SE) for an opinion.

Do you have the number for your CA? The AFCO will be open in the morning.



Yes thank you I read that before but because I was treated for the symptom of irregularity and the gynaecologist had given a good assessment I really thought that everything would be fine with the medical review but thanks again I do have their number and will give a call in the morning.

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