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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Jimpy, Aug 25, 2009.

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  1. Had my medical in June 09 and was told I was temporarily unfit for duty, due to a patch of psorisis. The doc said that he would refer my case to the M.O in England. The patch had healed at the medical, and my own doc describes it as a mild case(when its even there). The guidance notes for applicants states that you should apply if its moderate or severe, other wise I wont have bothered wasting everybodies time. Every other thing is complete with regards to process apart from the PJFT

    Any way back to the matter in point, the next intake is Sept, and I'd like to be on it. Any body got ideas how long it should take for the MO to get back to the AFCO? Or am I asking how long a pice of string is?
  2. Get in touch with the local unit go to their presentation night and after that you can start training straight away. I haven't passed my medical yet but have been training for two months with my local RNR unit even though I am going full time they don't mind. The only part of training you can't do without being cleared of all the application progress is the two weeks at Raleigh which you wouldn't do untill you have done nine months at unit first. Also you won't be paid until you have a service number but who cares the training is enough of a reward for me. So just contact you local unit and get cracking.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    To be honest, it can be pure folly to get carried along in the belief you will be definitely be passed medically fit for entry & those who have not been passed fit are advised that they should not to attend RNR training until passed fit.

    The reason is that we've had some nightmare scenarios with, for example, one young person attending for over 6 months only to be told at the end of it that they cannot join due to their fully researched medical condition. The individual then tried to cite the fact that they had undertaken all elements of local training without any problems & it all went rather pear-shaped.
  4. NS

    i agree, I wouldn't start without being paid, due to the exact reason you stated.
  5. Sadly, it varies from unit to unit & AFCO to AFCO. I'd imagine you'll need either a report from your GP or to see a service consultant dermatologist; these things will be arranged by the occupational physicians (service entry) at INM. You'll just have to sit tight until you hear back. It may be worth asking the MOs at the RNR unit you're looking to join to follow things up but not all units have MOs on strength, not all MOs attend regularly & not all MOs who attend regularly are able to do occupational medicine. Also, bear in mind it's been summer leave, which slows things down.

  6. Jimpy

    Nothing to do with your joining problem but i would just like to point out how disgusting it is to share a mess deck with some poor unfortunate who has psorisis.i was in a mess deck with 45 other guys and we had two young lads with this problem,it was very uncomfortable for everybody concerned,when they hopped out of there pits on a morning it was like a ferkin cloud of dried powder skin floating around the mess deck for ages,and to cap it all we had to eat our meals there as well as soscialising ,watching movies ,tv,ext ext,eventually the killik of the mess dragged them both up to the sick bay where said problemo was near enough sorted,
  7. Norway

    Fcuk sake I'm not a leper!!!!! When its there its the size of a 50p

    Those two boys sound like they had a severe case, imagine if they also had a bacterial gut infection.......mask in nine!!!!
  8. APN

    cheers. This is just a bit of a Cnut when I've previously been fit to serve whith the same condition, and given that I'm in a civil authority job where they can only afford so many in the reserves I'm watching my chances slowly tick away as more people join the three reserve services from said job. :(

  9. :D ,point taken old chap,i hope it works out for you,

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