Medical Requirements - Large scar from operation


Hi, I'm looking for some advice before my son submits his application to avoid any possible disappointment.
My son had an operation as a baby (at 6 days old) and now has a scar that goes all across his lower abdomen. The operation was a laparotomy, they thought he had a twisted bowel, rushed him in, opened him up and nothing - no bowel problem. Since then he has been fit and healthy, no medical problems at all. But the scar is very large. Can anyone advise if this will affect his application? I want to be prepared (and be able to prepare him) if it will.

Apologies if you need any more information - i'm new here and not sure what else is needed.

Many thanks in advance.


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Your best bet is to contact your local AFCO (recruiting office). I'm not qualified to judge on this but would suspect that it's one of those that Doctors will have to make a judgement on at his medical. Best of luck.


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@Toby'sMum My experience is of a long time ago but I have a large scar on my back in the lumbar area. It attracted a great many comments from my shipmates but never bothered the medicos.
Good luck to your lad.


I’d advise getting a copy of all notes relating to this episode to send along to the medical team. If there’s genuinely nothing wrong, they’ll make the call

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