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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dlc85, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. hey guys, ive found out today ive been declared unfit due to a knee operation an had two years ago which does not afeect my mental or physical capabilities in anyway, would you recommend an appeal? would it help if i get a letter off the consultant that performed the operation to confirm it does not affect me in anyway, any help appreicited guys

    im truely gutted
  2. I am not trying to be negative and I am sure someone better qualified than me will comment, but if the RN say you are not fit for the job, they are better placed to decide than an NHS Doc.
  3. My niece tried to join about 7 years ago but was declared medically unfit due to an op on her foot which in no way affected her physical capabilities. She appealed and with the backing of her consultant and GP she won the appeal and went on to serve 5 years before coming out and joined the police. I know the appeal went to the MOD somewhere but can't remember the address but I'm sure with the right questions asked you will find it. Hope this helps.
  4. If your own Dr is willing to write a letter stating that you are fit and there are no on-going problems after the operation, you can appeal in writing through your careers advisor or to your AFCO medical examiner. If you are still not happy then the appeal can be passed on to the Director of Naval recruitings advisor on medical conditions for a specialist medical.

    Hope this helps


  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As stated, you can indeed appeal about the diagnosis of a condition, however the medical standards for entry state that the following medical conditions may be a bar to entry:

    Musculoskeletal disorders

    Any abnormality that interferes with the ability to undertake military training.
    Spinal abnormalities. Certain spinal operations. Recurrent back pain or sciatica.
    Joint disease, pain or limitation of joint movement. Hypermobility (laxity)
    of the joints, Bone or joint operations within the last 12 months. Anterior
    cruciate ligament reconstruction (subject to single Service policy). Recurrent
    joint dislocations. Severe deformity following fractures. Loss of a limb. Foot
    abnormalities (e.g. club foot, hammer toe). Complete loss of either big toe.
    Complete loss of either thumb. Arthritis and similar conditions.

    Hope this helps identify which conditions you may appeal against.
  6. thanks for the help. my op was simply a swollen lymph node removed from my neck. how can this possibly affect my training? im so annoyed at this decision as at the medical the examiner said it would just be a formality it would get investigated
  7. Hey, if it's any help I know someone who had a similar operation to you (lymph node removal) and is now in the army as an Infantry officer (although he did have to wait for a bit of extra paperwork backing it up, but he got it all sorted in the end).

    If the army let him in, I can't see why the navy would be funny about such a thing?
  8. ok thank you for that eased my mind abit.
  9. What was the diagnosis? There are some pretty arbitrary rules about medical standards for entry- you may have fallen foul of one of those. PM me if you don't want to open yourself up to all and sundry!

    RN Medical Officer
  10. I was also declared medically unfit because i had an operation on my knee a few years ago.

    I was asked to submit some medical docs so that i could be given the all clear. It took a couple of weeks and then i was declared fit and continued the application process

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