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Morning all,

I was just medically rejected although I passed my eye, hearing etc with flying colours. In Dec 2016 I had a seizure at school. I have had all sorts of tests- CT scans, MRIs, ECGs and EEGs- all have come back clear and the consultant wrote to my GP stating that they believe it is a one off isolated incident due to being overtired- ie too much gym, school and not enough sleep.
I have been in the Sea Cadets since I was 10 years old so being rejected for this is devastating.
Can I appeal or do I have a certain amount of time I have to wait until I can reapply?
Any information will be greatly appreciated!


War Hero
I suggest you PM @photface , who did an excellent thread on how to manage a medical appeal.

Don't forget that the recruiting contractor, Capita, have very tight guidelines to which they have to adhere. It may be (I emphasise may) that an appeal can look at your case again.

I wish you luck. Let us all know what occurs.


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Best bet? Write to the sender of the medical rejection letter and ask the question; "Under what, if any, future circumstances could I potentially meet the medical standard for entry?"

Benign Rolandic Epilepsy can be a matter of time elapsed but other forms of seizures can unfortunately be an outright bar.

Best of luck.

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