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I am making this sticky as I seem to make this comment on a regular basis.

If something happens at your medical which you don't like and you want to appeal, please bear this in mind.

You can only appeal the fact you don't have the diagnosis that you have been labelled with. You cannot appeal our decision that a particular diagnosis is a bar to entry.

For example, 8 years ago you were diagnosed with von Bluff's disease. You have now decided you want to join the RN and submit an application. You have a medical and it is noted that you have von Bluff's disease. This condition is on our list of conditions which attract an automatic bar and, as a result, you are rejected medically.

You can appeal to your own GP as to whether you have got von Bluff's disease - but be aware that it is hard (nay impossible) to prove a negative. Once you have a label it tends to stick. This is often a problem as many seek a label for their symptoms to somehow validate their misery.

You cannot appeal to the RN stating "there's no reason von Bluff's disease will affect me in my Naval career". You can ask as many civilian experts as you like - they will potentially charge you but they will not alter our decision. Our standards are absolute.

There are no exceptions to this, so please don't think your case is special.

RN Medical Officer
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