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I know this subject has been covered before but I'm unable to relate it to my son's issue. He has passed the entrance test and physical medical but yesterday got a rejection from capita because of oral steroids. I got a copy of the questionnaire that his gp practice filled in and there seems to be some errors. For instance the terminology used can be misconstrued. Example SINCE the age of 5 has the patient had oral steriods if so list...the surgery has said yes but listed dates when he was also 4 so it looked like he has had 4 prescriptions when in fact it was only 2 Since he was 5. The next statement says "only one episode of oral steroids is allowed in the navy AFTER the age of 5 does the patient fit the criteria the surgery has put no. Now in English terms after the age of 5 is 6 therefore he's only had one. I have also looked at the JSP950 guide for pre entry and it states that is atopic tendancies which he was cos he used to have ezcema as a child then they need to be assessed by Medical officer who will do peak flows and some lung function tests. My son was never diagnosed as an asthamic by a specialist never attended an asthma clinic and never had an asthma management plan. He just had ezcema as a child and chest infections triggered by colds and flu and his allergy to house dust mite. To me he has been labelled as asthamic. He is now nearly 22 and has obviously grown out of both symptoms not having any medication whatsoever for over 10 years. What hope of an appeal?

Can someone please advise?
Thank you


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did they say TMU or PMU?
if you think the GP has put wrong info down, there may be room for an appeal? Good luck.
Thanks for the replies. I'm going to ring the gp on Monday to discuss the content that they completed and discuss the terminology on the questionnaire plus request his medical records. Janner you said you could argue over 5 is 5 and 1 day but the Form states AFTER the age of 5. If it was from the age of 5 they would have used the term sinice the age of 5 or from the age of 5 but it definitely states AFTER. You mat think I'm being pedantic but the terminology used has different meanings.

I'm hoping the Dr's agree.


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Good to see you fighting for your boy, bear in mind that whatever you GP may say the final say is with the RN, good luck to him and keep fighting.
Thanks janner. I will fight it up until the final decision which I know is with the RN. If he's not successful then he will have to see whatever options there are for a career at sea however get did want to serve but like so many on here it's not as clear cut as the initial medical eligibility makes out which I think the RN needs to address pretty soon.

Will post the outcome in due course.


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£10 for most of GP records, £50 for full GP history? £50 for Hospital records. Wife just had all hers she found things she had been diagnosed with but never told?
I thought there would be a charge for it...he's only had one hospital appointment and that was to check for dust mite allergy so will go for the full medical history of the . If I find out he's been diagnosed with something he's not been told that will be another issue I will have to address! Hopefully your wfe didn't find anything too worrying, it smacks of incompetence doesn't it?
Just by way of an update. I have spoke to the GP and got her on side. She admitted that she interpreted the wording on the questionnaire differently to me and could see my point once I explained my interpretation. She has written me a covering letter which will hopefully clear the issue up. I have also got sight of his medical records and it is clear that one of the instances of oral steroids given was actually for a chest infection - there was no mention of asthma or wheeze on the GPs notes. In fact the oral steriods were dissolvable ones of low dosage given for 3 days only. I will be sending this as evidence to the appeal. Fingers crossed they will see sense and reverse Capita's decision.


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Just a pointer - age, in recruiting parlance, means up to and including the nominated birthday.

Secondly, oral steroids relates to courses. So several back-to back prescriptions for a single issue, counts as one. But, if there's an air-gap between courses, they count as repeats.

Thirdly, applicants over age 18 must submit the appeal themselves. Yes, parents can write it on behalf of sons & daughters, but it needs to be written in the first person and the person appealing must sign it because it is their private medical issue.

Be aware allergies can also be a bar to entry.

Hope that makes sense and helps.

Good luck in the quest.
Many thanks for your post. I value your comments and advice. I have written the appeal from my son's point of view and he has signed it. All ready to post off today but he's now considering RFA as he doesn't want to wait any longer. He rang AFCO today who couldn't give timescale for appeal could be months. Just giving him time to reflect and make a decision.