Medical Referred?


Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has been in the situation I find myself in at the moment, I had my medical a month ago now and everything was fine apart from a past knee injury which I had to supply medical records for, knowing this would be the case I brought all medical records along with me on the day. The doctor conducting my medical advised that their was nothing in the manual he had which listed entry requirements covering the injury I have had and therefore had to fax my records on to someone else to get me an answer.

I spoke with the Doctor 2 weeks ago who advised they were no nearer getting a decision for me so I was just wondering if anyone has any idea how long this can take?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,



Summer leave at the mo so your info is probably on someone's desk.

Feel free to PM me with details about your injury and I'll give you a quick yes/no if you like...